Make quick work of wrinkled clothes with this mini but mighty iron that costs less than $20

Meet the smallest steam iron in the world! This small yet powerful tool fits in the palm of your hand – and for less than $20 it makes quick work of even the most wrinkled fabrics

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You wouldn’t judge a book by its cover – so why judge an iron by its size? This is because the Steamfast mini steam iron more than holds its own, with the high efficiency and capable smoothness of any larger iron.

That’s a big reason why more than 20,000 reviewers on Amazon have awarded this little dynamo five stars. Sure, it may be small, but it’s a real powerhouse in every way. And for just $19.99, it’s the kind of investment you’ll feel good about.

Make Quick Work Of Wrinkled Clothes With This Mini But

About the size of a computer mouse, this tiny steam iron is as surprisingly powerful as a small device can be.

It heats up in just 15 seconds, includes a filling cup and travel pouch, and is ideal whether you’re on the go, sewing or just want a space-saving iron.

In fact, this little iron makes a great stocking filler for the avid traveler – or anyone who appreciates quality goods for the home.


First, the obvious: it’s really small – we’re talking a palm-sized companion that does all the heavy wrinkle-resistant work for you. It’s barely bigger than your computer’s mouse and contains everything you need to take it with you on the go.

Which brings us to the second big advantage: portability. Not everyone wants to use the iron that collects dust in the hotel room. Maybe you just prefer to use your own stuff.

The Steamfast Mini Iron Contains Everything You Need, From A Measuring Cup To A Handy Travel Pouch.

The Steamfast mini iron contains everything you need, from a measuring cup to a handy travel pouch.

Whatever your reason, you can rely on the Steamfast mini steam iron to fill the gap. The size is just right to fit in your suitcase or hand luggage. It comes with a handy travel pouch and even a measuring cup so you can fill it with just the right amount of water every time.

What’s especially nice about this accessory is that it offers the added convenience of dual voltage so you can use it literally anywhere in the world. Whether you are traveling domestically or going abroad, you can use the 100 or 240 volt setting.

It also works fast and heats up in just 15 seconds, so you can quickly squeeze out a wrinkle or freshen up clothes that have been sitting in your suitcase for hours. With one-touch steam control and three temperature settings, it gets the job done perfectly every time.

With A Heat-Up Time Of 15 Seconds And Three Temperature Settings, The Iron Is Incredibly Easy (And Fast!) To Use.

With a heat-up time of 15 seconds and three temperature settings, the iron is incredibly easy (and fast!) to use.

This 420 watt iron is incredibly easy to use. Simply fill the measuring cup to the 1.1-ounce mark and grab it by the non-slip handle. It even has a 7.5m cord, so you’ll have plenty of room to maneuver with it.

Shoppers are delighted with how well it works – with much surprise given its size.

Throw It In Your Suitcase Before You Head Out - Especially If You Want To Avoid The Hotel Iron.

Throw it in your suitcase before you head out – especially if you want to avoid the hotel iron.

‘Small but mighty! I had my doubts about using such a small iron,” one user confessed, “but it was perfect! It took up little space in my suitcase and was great for smoothing out wrinkles in our clothes.’

It’s also a hit with people who live in smaller environments and want to take advantage of space-saving capabilities as much as possible. One shopper said, “I live in a small town and I need items that are small. This iron is perfect for my needs!! it’s like having a regular-sized iron at hand.”

Even sewing enthusiasts and other crafty types consider it an essential part of their kits, with one saying ‘This iron is much more stable, has a steam function, a cord that is actually attached and is really comfortable in the hand to use. .’

Those Who Are Particularly Crafty Can Also Find Plenty Of Uses For This Mini Iron Which Is Just The Right Size To Add To Their Kits.

Those who are particularly crafty can also find plenty of uses for this mini iron which is just the right size to add to their kits.

For less than $20, the Steamfast mini steam iron is an excellent value for anyone looking for a high-quality device that will last – and that won’t take up much space at all.

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