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Major Windows 11 slump on Steam, what’s it all about?


At first glance, the burglary of Windows 11 in the current Steam Hardware Survey drastic. With a distribution of just over 30 percent in February 2022, the operating system had a hard time anyway compared to Windows 10. Currently, however, it should be another ten percentage points less.

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At second glance, it quickly becomes clear that this can hardly be due to the fact that many Steam players are suddenly turning their backs on Windows 11 and switching back to Windows 10. But first, let’s look at the exact numbers:

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They first show what was to be expected: a slow but steady rise from Windows 11, which officially came out in October 2021. With the current survey from March 2023, however, the said strong and very visible slump comes from 32.1 to only 22.4 percent.

But not only the data on the operating system are noticeably different, there are also unusually strong shifts in graphics cards and processors.

For example, the RTX 3060 has suddenly climbed from about four to over ten percent, which brings it first place among GPUs. Before that, the GTX 1650 was there for the last few months after the GTX 1060 was number one for ages. In the case of CPUs, on the other hand, six-core processors made a miraculous leap of twelve percentage points, which more than consolidates their first place.

What’s behind the strange numbers?

Ultimately, there can only be one explanation for this: the database or the groups of people questioned must have changed significantly.

This is also shown by looking at the language used: Listed here Simplified Chinese a glaring increase from around 25 percent to just over 50 percent overall. We have already requested more detailed information from Valve.

So Microsoft doesn’t have to worry about the proliferation of Windows 11 on Steam, or at least no more worries than before.

How does the Steam Hardware Survey work? Those selected to participate in the survey via the Steam client will have the opportunity to opt out beforehand. If you take part, Steam automatically reads all relevant data from the PC anonymously.

Which operating system do you use?

Finally, we give you the opportunity to tell us which operating system you are currently using. We look forward to a lively participation in the following survey!

If you’re already using Windows 11 on your PC, how satisfied are you with Microsoft’s latest operating system, especially compared to Windows 10 and other predecessors? And if you haven’t installed it yet, why have you decided against Windows 11 so far and do you plan to switch to Windows 11 at some point in the future? Feel free to write it in the comments!

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