Major US states to begin shift to electric vehicles

With the climate discussion always at the forefront of everything we do today, government bodies are being asked to make some pretty significant changes. One big adjustment expected soon is the shift to electric vehicles (EVs) in the state workforce.

For example, the city of Philadelphia is an excellent example of urban life. With thousands of vehicles used per day in the city, there have been calls to transition to a more electric-based fleet of vehicles in the near future.

Philly – among other US cities – looks to push the transition forward as they attempt to meet carbon-neutral goals by the endpoint of 2050. While many trucks today still need expert assistance from a

mobile diesel mechanic like this, the shift to EVs will have a significant impact on the average way of life for many.

Like other major cities, Philadelphia has long been trying to find the best ways to work towards the lofty and ambitious net neutrality goals being laid out by the government.

With a move to electric vehicles more commonplace today, people might need to get used to seeing EVs over standard vehicles. Many cities like this are pushing to use more electric vehicles as opposed to gas and diesel equivalents. With automobiles playing such a massive role in the climate battle, moving to a greener power source could have positive impacts for years to come.

The director of the Office of Sustainability for the city, Christine Knapp, said that it would be an opportunity for the city to “lead by example,” noting that they “don’t like to be asking others to take actions that we aren’t ready to do.”

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A significant move towards carbon neutrality

The city of Philadelphia currently sees over 10% of its emissions created coming from its automobiles. The city has approximately 5,500 standard vehicles, intending to swap as many out for EVs as possible. Other major cities in the country are expected to contribute to similarly ambitious plans in the years to come.

Not only is this aimed at the climate change battle, but it is also aimed at making driving a touch more affordable for the average citizen. Indeed, the city expects to save around $2.5m in operational costs in the next three decades. That might not amount to much on a city-wide scale, but it is a start.

Further work is needed to make the rollout easier, with charging infrastructure nowhere near ready to handle a city-wide transformation. However, it is expected that charging infrastructure will be the next part of changing and adjusting. The hope is that the move can be a cross-controlled plan involving the energy office, the Office of Innovation and Technology, and the transport and fleet services departments.

While this might still feel like an ambitious plan, the hope is that by pulling together, major cities can have a better chance than most of meeting carbon targets by 2050.

Expect more discussions to arise in the future as the various bodies needed to make such a transformation continue to co-operate. With major cities focused on creating a greener tomorrow, this will be a stern test of how serious the claims are.



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