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“Major Change”? BVB Manager confirms several new signings.


Borussia Dortmund is currently not only setting the course for the future in terms of personnel, but also in the U23s. Naturally, there will be some fluctuation in BVB’s third division team.

“We are currently looking after new players. We basically try to retain players who want to play for Borussia Dortmund – regardless of the league. We already have one or two newcomers,” said team manager Ingo Preuss to the “Ruhr News” information about the state of affairs.

Official completion reports should be made as soon as BVB has finally made the league perfect in the 3rd division.

According to the club-affiliated newspaper, no fewer than eight players in the current squad are currently under scrutiny, including captain Franz Pfanne and long-running favorite Niklas Dams, who has played the most minutes in the BVB squad this season.

Background: You are already 23 years or older. BVB may use up to three of these players per game. According to an internal route, the squad should have a maximum of five, at best only four, older players.

BVB wants to sign top scorer from Werder Bremen

There are also nine players whose contracts are expiring. Among other things, Luca Unbehaun, who was once considered a huge goalkeeping talent, will leave BVB “with a high degree of probability” according to the report. The same applies to Marco Pasalic, Aday Ercan or Timo Bornemann.

On the other hand, BVB will probably take the option to buy the top scorer Justin Njinmah, who was loaned out by Werder Bremen, and keep him tied to the club.

Several players whose contracts with BVB run beyond the summer could be looking for new employers given the lack of playing time.

The bottom line is that there will be a “big change” in the Dortmund U23, write the “RN”.

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