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“Major Attack? FC Bayern Apparently Set for Lucrative Record Deal”


FC Bayern will soon have significantly more money than before for the major attack on international basketball competition.

As “Bild” reports, BMW is about to join the Munich company. It’s about a record contract, as the tabloid writes. The Munich-based carmaker wants to pay around five million euros a year in the future and thus replace Audi as a partner in the industry.

“Manager Magazin” also called this amount, which also reported the fat deal for FC Bayern as almost perfect – even if the club’s final commitment is still pending and therefore no contracts have yet been signed.

The naming of the hall in which coach Andrea Trinchieri’s team plays their home games in the BBL and in the European Cup in front of up to 6,700 spectators has also not yet been clarified. This is currently still called the Audi Dome.

If the BMW entry goes as expected, FC Bayern should use the additional money flowing into the coffers primarily to attack in the Euroleague.

So far, there hasn’t been much to get for Munich because competitors like Real Madrid or Armani Milan have a significantly larger budget – also because of lucrative deals with BMW.

FC Bayern last twice only runners-up

Nationally, however, the basketball players of FC Bayern are also far removed from the crushing dominance of their club mates from football.

Most recently, Alba Berlin secured the BBL championship title three times in a row – in 2021 and 2022 even by beating FC Bayern in the final.

Who will win the race this season is still open. Both Alba and the big competitor from the Isar are definitely in the playoffs, which start in mid-May, as leaders or third in the table.

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