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Mafia 4: Developers finally reveal new information – at least indirectly – WhatsNew2Day


Mafia 4 is said to be a prequel to Mafia 1. So probably set during Prohibition times.

Anyone who has worked in our industry long enough will eventually get that déjà vu feeling à la Wait a minute, there was something along those lines. Best example: Mafia 4. Just make it via Reddit new job advertisements from Mafia developer Hangar 13, in which the team is looking for reinforcements for the next big Mafia project. Among them will also be the first time Mentioned verbatim via LinkedInthat it is a mafia successor. For example with the AI ​​designer:

They (the AI ​​designers) drive the development of AI systems, archetypes and behaviors – from prototype to release of the next installment of the Mafia series.

Also – and here’s the déjà vu – there’s talk of online features again. For a Senior Systems Designer, Hangar 13 is looking for people with the following qualifications:

Experience with AAA games, multiplayer titles and/or live service design.

We already reported on exactly these facets six (!) years ago, when the very first rumors arose in 2017 that a successor to Mafia 3 was being developed. At that time it was still up in the air which project it was – and nobody had any idea that a remake of Mafia would appear before Mafia 4.

Now, as is well known, the Definitive Edition of Mafia 1 relied entirely on single player, so we can assume that the multiplayer and service expertise was already being sought for Mafia 4 back then. Whether it is only a skin shop, shallow online features or a completely separate multiplayer mode is still not known.

Also exciting: Hangar 13 is looking for people who specialize in stealth as well as fighting. So we can at least assume that stealth in Mafia 4 will play a role comparable to that in Mafia 3, where main character Lincoln was quite free to choose his own course of action.

By the way, Mafia 4 is said to be a prequel that takes place before the first Mafia, probably in Prohibition America in the 1920s. We will keep you updated as soon as there is more information.

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