Macron is sucked into criminal investigation over McKinsey’s claims for favours

Police raided McKinsey’s offices in Paris in May while the investigation was still focused on whether the US consultancy has paid French corporate taxes over the past decade, despite making millions of euros from government projects.

The firm, which has consistently denied any wrongdoing, has said it adheres to French tax laws and was surprised by the focus on the company as it earned just 1 percent of all spending on consulting firms by the country’s governments.


The investigation follows a long-standing controversy over Macron’s ties to the US consulting giant dubbed “McKinseygate” over its use of high-priced and foreign firms specializing in strategic consulting and IT services.

The MacronLeaks — internal emails from the En Marche campaign made public a few days before the first round of the 2017 presidential election — revealed that several senior McKinsey figures were involved in strategic meetings with the Macron team.

The controversy deepened when the Paris-based newspaper Le monde reported that at least 10 of McKinsey’s consultants had worked on Macron’s 2017 manifesto. McKinsey would have helped him again when he won re-election this year.

A report released in March by a French Senate committee found that Macron’s government had paid private advisers €2.4 billion ($3.7 billion) since 2018 for reports and advice. McKinsey did remarkably well, earning, for example, €957,674 to advise on a pension reform plan that was ultimately scrapped, €496,800 to outline the “future of education” for the Ministry of Education, €3.9 million to promote a reform of the rent allowance and €12.33 million to help ministers during the pandemic.

Macron at the time rejected allegations of unauthorized collusion with McKinsey when the scandal erupted during his re-election campaign.

France has strict campaign finance rules that place limits on what a candidate can use, with several French politicians convicted over the years of overspending or attempting to cover up campaign spending, including the late former president Jacques Chirac.

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