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Mackay and Queensland Life: ‘Scorned lover’ takes out full page advertisement

‘Despised Lover’ posts a full-page newspaper ad calling her boyfriend a ‘dirty cheater’ – but is everything as it seems?

  • A ‘despised’ lover supposedly took out a full-page ad in a Queensland newspaper
  • Jenny called Steve a ‘dirty cheater’ and added: ‘Hope you’re happy with her’
  • Mackay and Queensland Life’s ad set the internet on fire on Friday
  • But some readers smoke a rat: ‘There’s a PR stunt written on this’



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A scorned lover has supposedly written a cheeky message to her ex-boyfriend and placed an ad in a local newspaper calling him a “dirty cheater.”

On Friday morning, a full-page advertisement appeared in the independent newspaper Mackay and Queensland Life.

In it, ‘Jenny’ wrote: ‘Dear Steve, I hope you are happy with her. Now the whole town will know what a filthy impostor you are.

‘From Jenny. PS I bought this ad with your credit card.’

Mackay and Queensland Life Scorned lover takes out full page

The ad had a sting in the tail – with “Jenny” claiming she had used Steve’s credit card to pay for the ad. But many readers smoke a rat

The newspaper said it had been ‘flooded’ with dozens of reports about the ad, which had been removed from page 4 – the newspaper’s premier real estate.

“We do NOT know who Steve is, but apparently he has been very bad,” the news channel said. “We won’t reveal any details about Jenny.”

The newspaper said it had not charged the credit card involved.

The ad caused an internet sensation. “Jenny sounds like someone I want to be friends with,” said one reader.

But many smoke a rat. “There’s a PR stunt on everything,” said one.

Another added: ‘Best piece of PR I’ve come across in ages… Well done guys.’

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