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M. Night Shyamalan on storytelling and the thrill of Servant’s Season 3 on Apple TV+

During the holidays I caught up with my arrears thanks to the Apple TV+ offer for PS5. One of the highlights for me was Servant, a psychological thriller from the mind of director M. Night Shyamalan.

This Friday, Servant enters its third season on Apple TV+, with new twists and turns that unravel the ghost of the Turner family. Prior to the season premiere, I spoke with (fellow Pennsylavannan!) M. Night Shyamalan to delve into the ghost behind the madness.

Here’s a short excerpt, where Shyamalan describes what he likes about working on Servant:

“You know, making movies every two years is kind of an isolated, lonely thing. And this isn’t that and I like that aspect of it, having kind of a film school with people that I respect and love, and I could just be all interests So it’s almost become a little mini studio where I see a movie at a film festival for example and I think “Wow, who recorded that?” and I go, “Oh, this is her name. She’s a filmmaker who lives in Sweden and does this,” and then I call her up, talk to her and say, “Wow, I really think you’d be great for the show I’m doing. Would you like to come to Philadelphia and direct an episode?’

Watch the full interview below.

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