Lyft Launches Healthcare Transportation Program


Lyft has launched a program that allows healthcare organizations to send patients prepaid cards to use for rides to doctor’s appointments.

“We have automated an important part of health access that allows patients to be self-sufficient and in control, while allowing our partners to focus on the services they provide, rather than administrative processes,” said Megan Callahan, Lyft vice president. Healthcare, in a statement.

The program, called Lyft Pass for Healthcare, allows healthcare facilities or social service providers to budget and set up approved pick-up and delivery locations. They can share the pass with patients, who can apply it on their ride.

Is non-urgent medical transport estimated become a $ 3 billion market. Transport is an important part barrier to health care, and millions of people postpone medical appointments every year because they have no way to reach them. Lyft already works with a number of healthcare organizations are planning trips for patients, but the new program aims to make it easier for patients to request trips themselves in the app, rather than waiting for the health system to schedule them.

Uber has a similar medical transportation program. Launched in 2018, Uber Health allows healthcare providers to book rides for patients.