Lululemon is the latest brand to launch resale


The Canadian fitness apparel giant announced Tuesday that it is testing a resale program called Lululemon Like New in Texas and California.

Shoppers will be able to trade near-new Lululemon products from May and will receive a $ 5 to $ 25 gift card. The company will clean and resell used garments from June, testing the program in approximately 80 stores in the same markets.

Lululemon said in a statement that it will take the profits from the resale program and invest them in “additional sustainability initiatives, including circular product design, renewal and recycling programs, and store environmental programs.”

Lululemon joins a slew of brands starting resale – Nike announced its own program earlier this month. Already used the Lululemon product thrives on marketplaces such as Poshmark, Tradesy and Thredup. Avid Lululemon fans also have dozens, possibly hundreds of buy sell trade groups on Facebook, where shoppers search and spend their favorite stuff.

Launching an internal program can help the brand control the market. It would also help Lululemon collect data about the life cycle of its bestsellers.