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Lucy Bronze reflects on England’s celebrations after a ‘dream’ Euros triumph

“People thought I was drunk, but I wasn’t!” Lucy Bronze looks back on England’s celebrations after a ‘dream’ Euro, stressing that now is the time to ‘show young girls they have a place in football’

  • Right-back Lucy Bronze started every game of England’s Euro 2022 campaign
  • She scored Chloe Kelly’s winning goal in extra time to beat Germany in the final
  • Bronze talked about making young girls feel like they have a place in football

Lucy Bronze has spoken of a ‘dream’ tournament after England’s win at Euro 2022, insisting she be sober for the glasses-clad Lionesses celebrations in Trafalgar Square.

The 30-year-old fullback started every game of the tournament for England and put down the winner Chloe Kelly in extra time.

‘[I’m] I’m just on that wave of excitement and joy and I’m just looking forward to the next one,” Bronze said BT sport.

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30-year-old right-back Lucy Bronze played every game of Euro 2022 for the Lionesses

‘The match was just a dream, the whole tournament was that! Beating Germany at Wembley for the 90,000 who showed up – it was unbelievable.”

“Every game grew and the faith grew, that very first game at Old Trafford, coming through that game and having the fans there, that’s when we thought these fans are going to make a difference for us.

“The second game that won 8-0, we were like, okay, it’s started now! we can score goals against the best teams.

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Bronze puts English winner in extra time of final against Germany

She spoke of 'making young girls feel like they have a place in football' after the win

She spoke of ‘making young girls feel like they have a place in football’ after the win

At the celebrations held the day after the final, with Bronze and her teammates wearing glasses in Trafalgar Square, she said: ‘A lot of people thought I was drunk, but I wasn’t! I was just living in the moment, still celebrating! It’s all been a whirlwind.’

The 30-year-old also spoke about how Euro 2022 could change English women’s football. She said: ‘We want young girls to feel that they have a place in football. And not only that, but little boys see that as a norm too.

“We want to create that in society and football is the most important thing in this country – so what better way to help these little boys and girls learn!”

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