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Low Profile Engagement Rings: All You Need to Know


Getting married? Congratulations! In that case, you’re probably on the lookout for the perfect engagement ring for your big day. This can be a challenging and daunting task. To make things easier, we’ll cover all the essential aspects of low-profile engagement rings. Read further to learn why you should pick these rings and what style will work for you. 

What is a Low Profile Engagement Ring?

Low profile engagement rings are designed to sit low in the ring’s band. The prong on the ring that holds the stones seats close to your finger. In high-profile engagement rings, the prong and head of the ring stay above the finger and in the air. 

Although high profile rings are popular, they’re not every couple’s cup of tea. Thanks to the classic and appealing prong settings of Tiffany & Co, many couples prefer to get low profile engagement rings. Trendy and appealing low-set ring designs are halo, prong, and bezel settings with different cuts, shapes, and stones. 

Well, not every stone looks extravagant and gorgeous in low profile engagement rings, as the stones with greater depth require higher stone settings. So, if your chosen stone has a long griddle, you have no choice but to choose a higher profile. However, if you’re prioritizing getting a low profile engagement ring are over a specific stone, choose a delicate diamond stone that stays close to the ring’s band but doesn’t compromise on elegance. 

Low Vs. High Profile Engagement Rings

Both high and low Profile engagement rings will look gorgeous on a bride-to-be’s finger and are sure to complement many of her outfits. However, each offers a unique theme and has different benefits. High-profile rings may look too fancy, as you can notice the diamond from afar. For some people, that just means getting unwanted attention. The reason diamonds in high profile engagement rings are so prominent is that they stay in the air, allowing light to easily fall on them and give them a sparkly look. 

When it comes to the low profile ring, you can wear them in any event, on regular days, and even at home. It has a secure design that protects your diamond from damage and prevents dust-like particles from collecting. Low profile engagement rings may not look bigger, but they have a charming look that sets them apart from others. 

Pros and Cons of Low Setting, Pros:


Bezel Low Profile engagement ring, Image: Diamonds-USA 

Low profile engagement rings have both pros and cons. It’s important that you understand the benefits and drawbacks of the low setting to make the right decision. 


Don’t Catch to Anything

Low profile engagement rings don’t catch to anything. This make them perfect option for to-be-brides or women who work with gloves. Also, your gemstone and ring will stay safe, and you don’t have to worry about scratching or pulling. 

Perfect for Vintage Models

A low profile bezel set is an ideal option for vintage models. They are a type of low setting rings that offer the same brilliance and reflection as a prongs set. 

Easier to Handle

Low profile engagement rings are not only beautiful but are also easier to handle. This means they are easier to wear and work best for people who do a lot of work with their hands. So, if you live an active lifestyle, low profile engagement rings are more comfortable as the stone isn’t exposed.


These rings have a design that gives them durability and longevity. The stone is well protected and has little to no risk of knocking things. Not only this, but it also prevents your stone from falling out of the ring. This style of engagement ring is well-suited for women who don’t want to have to worry about their ring getting scratched as they go about their day. 


High quality and beautifully designed low profile engagement rings from Diamonds-USA are trendy and popular. Of course, you will be looking for a minimalist and modern ring for you and your better half. So, pick these rings for your engagement.



The primary drawback of opting for the low profile engagement rings is that you’ll be compromising on brilliance. They also look smaller compared to high-profile rings. However, if you choose experienced and credible low profile engagement ring manufacturers, you can find a design that will appears big and noticeable. 

Unnoticeable Diamond

Low profile ring designs hide the beauty of the gemstone you choose. Hence, the diamond doesn’t stand out and doesn’t seem as prominent. 

Best Low Engagement Ring Settings 

If you are planning to opt for low profile engagement rings, you need to choose the ring setting carefully. A solitaire ring is an ideal option to protect your diamond as well as get an amazing look. These rings typically have thicker bands that reduce ring spinning and feel more comfortable. Plus, the minimalist design and style divert the entire attention on the diamond, while the adorning white gold band complements the diamond. 

Pave solitaire ring is another incredible option for you. It has a unique setting that keeps the diamond intact in one place. You can ask to incorporate a crisscross style setting to make it look creative and pleasing. You can also opt for a setting that has a diamond with no protection and is held flush against the band. This setting reduces the risk of catching on objects while working, making it an ideal option for a busy person who’s always on their feet. 

Bottom Line

Low profile engagement rings look exceptionally beautiful and charming. They work best for people who are too busy to handle and care for the ring they are regularly wearing. These rings are also available in a long list of cuts, shapes, and sizes. So, if you have any particular preferences, you can design them accordingly. 

Make sure to invest in a ring made from experienced and skilled crafters so that you’re investing in the right jewelry. Choose low profile engagement rings from Diamond-usa.com. Also, explain your preferences and design to your hired expert so that you can get something as close to your vision as possible. 


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