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Low East Coast can cause flooding, heavy rain and destructive weather in parts of NSW


Sunday: Min 12C, Max 24C (showers and irregular rain)

Monday: Min 13C, Max 21C (morning shower or two)

Tuesday: Min 9C, Max 19C (mostly sunny)

Wednesday: Min 11C, Max 23C (sunny)

Thursday: Min 12C, Max 24C (sunny)


Sunday: Min 7C, Max 21C (sunny)

Monday: Min 10C, Max 23C (showers, possible storm)

Tuesday: Min 12C, Max 18C (showers, possible storm)

Wednesday: Min 10C, Max 19C (shower or two)

Thursday: Min 11C, Max 21C (rising showers)


Sunday: Min 4C, Max 12C (shower or two)

Monday: Min 6C, Max 12C (partly cloudy)

Tuesday: Min 6C, Max 11C (shower or two)

Wednesday: Min 7C, Max 11C (shower or two)

Thursday: Min 5C, Max 11C (cloudy)


Sunday: Min 23C, Max 33C (mostly sunny)

Monday: Min 21C, Max 32C (less humid and sunny)

Tuesday: Min 20C, Max 32C (sunny)

Wednesday: Min 20C, Max 32C (sunny)

Thursday: Min 21C, Max 33C (sunny)