Loverbeauty’s multi-functional shapewear, hot selling!

We always make big efforts to have a better body. However, there may be that area which does not want to finish shaping itself to our liking. Then what? Can’t we make anything go away? You are right! They can help us. And who? Well, our best allies, the best shapewear for women!

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The shapewear shapes our figure visually immediately, or permanently if you use it continuously; thus, it helps to reduce certain annoying areas of the body.

Some of the benefits of shapewear for women are that:

  • You will look slimmer, because they firm the body in a natural way;
  • They are comfortable, discreet and easy to use. No one will notice you are wearing it;
  • They promote compression and perspiration;
  • You will maintain a good posture both while walking and sitting.


But of course, we do not all have the same body, nor the same rebellious area, so that is why there are different types of shapewear to cover all needs.

The shapewear for women can be classified in two ways: we differentiate between the shapewear with immediate effect and the shapewear that, apart from having an immediate effect, produces a heat effect that helps to lose weight while using it, eliminating excess of fluids and toxins, and then you start to burn fat.


Neoprene shapewear is ideal for the gym, to burn fat in localized areas. These body shapers give you a good posture in movements and exercises.

Loverbeauty sells a great variety of shapewear, with functions for many things: there are shapewear to lose weight, to exercise, to shape the figure and so on. It is you who chooses what type of girdle to use, depending on your reasons and needs.

Panty shapewear

  • Essential underwear accessory for our daily use;
  • Appearance of normal panties;
  • They help us to feel safe every day with the clothes we wear;
  • Easy to use;
  • They can control the abdomen and buttocks, cutting the stomach by different measures.

Shorts shapewear

  • They shape the thighs and help eliminate cellulite;
  • They shape the thighs, hips and buttocks;
  • Depending on the model, they can also help you reduce your belly;
  • Very concealed clothes under clothing;
  • You can find different sizes, depending on your need.

Bodysuit shapewear

  • They cover the entire torso area, waist up to the breasts, including or excluding them;
  • Full shapers that sculpt your body and highlight a slim, sexy and very feminine figure;
  • They help define your figure by providing an attractive curve for the torso;
  • Use them to slim the waist, soften the abdomen, enhance the breasts and stylize your figure;
  • Special for women who have localized fat in the belly and waist, since they slim the waist and hips while raising the chest.

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How do we choose our ideal girdle?

  • You have to choose the size; a size appropriate to our body, without being too tight or too big;
  • It must adapt well to our body, without any discomfort;
  • Choose well a shapewear that meets our needs: if your goal is to shape your waist, for example, opt for a waist trainer for women!