Loved-up Rishi Sunak unveils how he asked his wife to marry him during luxury trip to California

Rishi Sunak admitted that he “hit above average” with his wife and shared details of his romantic proposal at a five-star hotel.

In a personal and revealing interview, the Prime Minister also said that he “can’t get through the day” without his significant other.

Mr. Sunak met Akshata Murthy, both 42, at Stanford University, where she was studying after receiving a Fulbright scholarship.

Rishi has previously admitted that there was “clearly something” when he and Akshata first met – adding that he’s a huge fan of rom-coms, which prompted him to change some of his classes so that he could sit next to his wife could sit.

Four years later, in 2009, they married in a lavish ceremony in Bengaluru, India, following a romantic proposal during a cliff walk in California.

Rishi Sunak admitted to ‘hit above average’ with his wife Akshata Murthy and shared details of his romantic proposal

Rishi Sunak Proposed To His Wife While Walking On A Cliff In California (Photo: Ritz-Carlton Hotel)

Rishi Sunak proposed to his wife while walking on a cliff in California (Photo: Ritz-Carlton Hotel)

The Prime Minister Got Down On One Knee While Staying At A Beautiful California Hotel Believed To Be The Five-Star Ritz-Carlton Retreat.

The prime minister got down on one knee while staying at a beautiful California hotel believed to be the five-star Ritz-Carlton retreat.

That’s what the Prime Minister told Piers Morgan during an exclusive sit-down with TalkTV in Downing Street.

He said, “Yeah, I definitely hit above my average.

“I couldn’t have done this work without her love and support.”

When asked what love means to him, Mr. Sunak said, “There are many different aspects to it.

“What I’m probably most focused on right now and what means the most to me right now is the support she gives me in this work.”

He also revealed how he proposed to his current wife – who has an estimated net worth of around £500 million.

The prime minister got down on one knee while staying at a beautiful California hotel believed to be the five-star Ritz-Carlton retreat.

Set in the California cliffs, the £750-a-night hotel boasts two championship golf courses.

The Prime Minister Told Piers Morgan: 'Yes, I Certainly Hit Above My Average'

The Prime Minister told Piers Morgan: ‘Yes, I certainly hit above my average’

The Couple Have Two Daughters, Krishna And Anoushka (Pictured With Their Parents During Rishi'S Campaign To Become Leader Of The Conservative Party In July)

The couple have two daughters, Krishna and Anoushka (pictured with their parents during Rishi’s campaign to become leader of the Conservative Party in July)

Mr Sunak said: ‘We got engaged in a place called Half Moon Bay – it was a place we met when we were students, when we studied together in the United States, and we walked in this area and looked up at this beautiful fancy hotel we could never stay in.

‘Then I surprised her and we went to stay there.

“But before that we went for a walk along the cliffs and were alone and that’s where I proposed.”

During their early years together, Akshata pursued a career in fashion and in 2007 founded her own company, Akshata Designs, based on celebrating Indian culture, discovering artists in remote villages and working with them and their designs to create her own designs.

“For me it’s about the story behind a particular garment, the authenticity, the craftsmanship and protecting a rich heritage,” she told Vogue. ‘I would like to do something in India, for India because it is part of our family’s DNA.’

However, her business venture fell flat and collapsed after only three years.

Nevertheless, the mother-of-two has continued to hold shares in companies over the years, including the family empire, Infosys, and a project she and Rishi co-founded, Catamaran Ventures UK. She has also been associated with Jamie Oliver’s Pizzeria and the Etonian tailor, New & Lingwood.

Finally, Rishi and Akshata moved to the UK in 2013, where Rishi became an MP for Richmond in Yorkshire two years later.

The couple now live with their daughters in a £7 million mansion in Kensington, which is just one of many properties they own.

As well as the mansion, they also enjoy a £1 million flat in Kensington and a £2 million mansion in Rishi’s constituency in Yorkshire, earning him the nickname ‘Maharaja of the Dales’. They also own a £5.5 million penthouse in California, overlooking the Santa Monica pier, which they use during the holidays.

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