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Love Triangle Finale recap: Happy endings and heartbreak as the singles make their final choice

Love Triangle Finale recap: Happy endings and heartbreak as the singles make their final choice

It’s D-Day folks. And the D in this case, stands for “decision.”

After six weeks of introductions, dating, and heartbreak, Love triangle it finally comes to a head as the original singles write the end of their own happily ever after story.

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They can choose to continue a relationship with the person they chose after three days of texting, the suitor they didn’t initially choose, or they can unpair the two of them forever.

And while the decision is supposed to be up to the singles, the decision has been taken away from Yannick.

After being reported for kissing another woman, Belinda and Erika decide to leave the house, but give Yannick one last chance to set the record straight.

But, unsurprisingly, Yannick, aka Mr. Ego, has a hard time acknowledging his actions.

He says that he “didn’t mean to hurt anyone.”

“None of us were exclusive, so I don’t think I did anything wrong.”

After their fair share of fighting over Yannick’s inability to take responsibility, he tells the girls to “get over it.”

SUMMARY OF EPISODE 7: Chaos erupts as two cheating scandals rock the group

That statement pretty much ends the conversation and the girls head out the door.

“You can’t pick either of us,” Belinda says and leaves.

And while Yannick’s decision was made for him, the remaining five love triangles have yet to be resolved.

Kyle and Leesh and Elena

Some of the singles have already written off one of their matches, like Kyle, who clearly never had a connection to Elena.

“I’m ready to get out of this threesome that I never got invited to,” Elena laughs.

But just because Elena is going home doesn’t mean Kyle’s decision is that easy, as he must now decide if he wants to be in a relationship with Leesh. It’s a decision made more difficult by the fact that the couple faces the prospect of a long-distance relationship.

“It’s going to be harder for Leesh than for Kyle to be in separate states, she’s very emotional and territorial,” says Elena.

And after a few days of mulling things over, Kyle meets with Leesh to reveal his final decision.

At one point in a very long speech, he says that “a wise girl once said to go with the flow, and that was Elena.” I miss flexing to date your ex, but moving on.

Thanks to Elena’s wisdom, Kyle decides he’s “going to give it a try” with Leesh.

“If the connections are there, why let it go?” Kyle says.

SUMMARY OF EPISODE 6: A couple gives up when a third wheel rolls in

maddy and james and daniel

With James out of the house following his heartbreaking admission of cheating, Madi says goodbye to Daniel.

While there’s no romantic connection there, Madi and Daniel have formed the most unlikely friendship and Daniel has become very protective of his best friend.

“James has a lot of answers to give Madi and it sure is going to be hard to redeem himself,” says Daniel.

With that said, Madi asks James to meet so she can get the answers she’s looking for.

When the pair finally come face to face, James trails off, as he should.

“I need you to know that my feelings and concern for you were real,” he says.

But when Madi pushes him a little harder and asks when he realized he didn’t have feelings for her anymore, he says he found out “the moment” he cheated on her. How’s that for a convenient time?

SUMMARY OF EPISODE 5: Pat packs her bags while Lisa gets ready for a date

Madi doesn’t buy it and calls out James for making “an even dumber excuse”.

In a failed attempt to make things right, James decides to say this: “Obviously I don’t care enough about you because I wouldn’t have.”

Madi is stunned, as am I.

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With nothing more to say, Madi walks away from a single woman.

alex and madison and bec

Alex is a torn man.

He’s only just begun to get to know Bec, but after the initial top candidate, Madison, makes some not-so-nice comments about her, he questions himself.

He says that meeting Madison was like “lightning”, but admits that later in the experience she became “jealous”, “possessive” and “less honest”.

“That’s kind of concerning to me because if that’s part of their character, you can’t really build a strong relationship with someone like that,” he says.

On the other hand, he says he has a lot in common with Bec.

After looking at his options, Alex still doesn’t know what he’s doing.

“I’m not sure I’m making the right decision,” he confesses.

In the end, his “strong connection” to Madison wins out and the couple leaves the experience as “officially boyfriend and girlfriend without a third wheel.”

Ly and Ben and Danny

Hardly anyone is surprised when Ly says goodbye to Ben after she struggled to find chemistry with him.

And now she decides if old flame Danny has long-term potential.

The adorable couple meet up and Danny makes a moving speech about how he’s “falling for Ly’s individuality.”

SUMMARY OF EPISODE 4: Insecurities surface like a text bomb.

He confesses that he loves everything about her, from her dancing to her burping.

Ly returns the favor, saying, “There’s no doubt they have a strong bond.”

But in a move no one saw coming, Ly says she “doesn’t know if their bond is strong enough to last on the outside.”

And so Danny’s heart, and mine for that matter, breaks.

lisa and patrick and matt

It has been a rocky road for Lisa.

She and Patrick were going from strength to strength until Matt, aka Lisa’s dream man, arrived and Patrick spat on the doll.

He threatened to leave the house, then Lisa confessed that she loved Patrick, then Lisa kicked Patrick out, and then Patrick gave Lisa an ultimatum.

Ugh, I’m exhausted just thinking about it, I can’t imagine how Lisa feels.

Lisa admits that Matt is the obvious choice.

“Matt is solid, Matt has been solid from the beginning,” she says.

“But that sexual chemistry and connection I have with Patrick is nothing like any guy I’ve dated.”

“His penis fits my vagina like a glove.” Thanks Lisa, we have the image.

It’s that passion and fire that ultimately leads her to admit to Matt that her heart “belongs to someone else.”

And of course, that someone else is Patrick.

But there is one more hurdle to overcome. Is Patrick willing to commit to Lisa and work towards building a life together and having children?

Patrick responds to Lisa’s question by confessing that he “likes to do things on his own terms.”

Although their declaration of love doesn’t start out in the best way, Patrick finally finds the words. Yes, those words. “I love you,” Patrick finally says.

He says that a future with Lisa and kids is something he definitely wants and so the on-again-off-again couple is official.

“This is definitely an unlikely love story, but it’s the best love story ever,” says Lisa.

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