Love Island’s Phoebe Spiller is spotted working in a Bondi jewellery boutique

From Reality TV – Accessories! Love Island Australia star, Love Island Australia, is seen working in Bondi’s jewellery boutique. She stars in the racy show…and gets very cozy with a man customer

She He is currently Love Island Australia’s breakout star. 

But Phoebe Spiller is back to work in Sydney’s Bondi Beach after wrapping up filming the reality TV series. 

24-year-old fashion student was seen working behind the register of Saint Valentine’s jewel boutique last week. 

Love Island Australia star Phoebe Spiller was seen working in a Bondi jewelry boutique last week 

Phoebe Proved She Was Good At Multitasking As She Served Customers And Also Worked Behind The Cash Register

Phoebe demonstrated her ability to multitask as she served customers while also working behind the register. 

She She looked stunning in all-black as she spoke to a male customer Friday. 

Phoebe chose a black tank top with a slight crop and matching low-rise pants to show off her small midriff.

She To complete her look, she added two chain necklaces from this brand. 

Phoebe continued the theme with gold jewellery by opting for small hooped ears as well as a second jewel and stud through her top-ear.

She Before he left, he was seen hugging the mystery man.  

Phoebe proved her multitasking skills as she served customers and worked behind the counter.  

She Looked Gorgeous In An All Black Ensemble As She Chatted To A Male Customer

She As she spoke to a male customer, she looked beautiful in an all-black ensemble

Phoebe Beamed As She Gave The Mystery Man A Hug

Phoebe Beamed As She Gave The Mystery Man A Hug

Phoebe smiled as she gave the mystery man an embrace  

The Ballarat-born beauty works part time in a Bondi boutique while studying fashion, with dreams to one day become a stylist. 

She The reality dating series, which aired last year, still stars her. 

In the Spanish villa she raised eyebrows when she spoke out about her obsession for AFL players.

The Ballarat-Born Beauty Works Part Time In A Bondi Boutique While Studying Fashion, With Dreams To One Day Become A Stylist

Ballarat-born beauty works part-time in Bondi’s boutique, while she studies fashion. She dreams of one day becoming a stylist. 

She Is Still Starring In The Reality Dating Series, Which Was Filmed Last Year

She The reality dating series, which aired last year, still stars her.

The Brunette Is Starring In The Current Season Of Love Island

Love Island’s current season stars the brunette 

According to the frisky brunette, she has never been with professional footy players but has been married to more than 10 of them.

Phoebe, who lives in Bondi, said, “I do have a thing for AFL boys.” 

“I’m going say… 10 plus, that’s who I’ve gotten along with.”

Phoebe wants to see more of the world on Love Island, despite all her ex-partners falling into one category.

Inside The Spanish Villa, She'S Raised Eyebrows By Speaking About Her Obsession With Afl Players

She spoke about her obsession with AFL in the Spanish villa. 

Despite Her Exes All Fitting Into One Category, Phoebe Is Looking To Expand Her Horizons On Love Island

Phoebe, despite her ex-exes falling into the same category, is keen to broaden her horizons on Love Island

“No more AFL Players.” She said, “I’m banning myself,” before laughing, “Maybe a different sports

“Finding someone funny is my number one priority. I am a laid back, chilled, and relaxed person. She said, “I’m also trying out my usual patterns.”

‘I prefer athletes. AFL footy is a stereotypical example of an athlete. I would like to try different types.

'No More Afl Players. I'M Banning Myself,' She Said, Before Joking, 'Maybe A Different Sport...'

“No more AFL Players.” She laughed, before saying, “I’m banning me,” before adding, “Maybe another sport .”

When Host Sophie Monk Asked The Women Whether They Were Into 'Good Boys' Or 'Bad Boys', Phoebe (Far Right) Revealed She Only Dates 'Bad Boys' Because 'Good Boys' Give Her 'The Ick'

Sophie Monk, the host, asked Phoebe (far left) if they were interested in ‘good guys’ or bad boys’. Phoebe said that she only dates ’bad boys’ because ‘good guys’ make her feel ‘icky’

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