Love Island: Toby betrays Abi with new girl Mary in Casa Amor rematch

“What an idiot!” Casa Amor’s reconnection on Love Island starts VERY dramatic when Abi chooses to remain loyal to Toby… but he returns with new girl Mary

It was finally time for the Casa Amor fallout on Thursday night Love Island.

And things started dramatically when Abi and Toby’s fate was sealed.

Abi chose to remain loyal to Toby, but the ever-flabby footballer turned up, hand in hand with new girl Mary.

Betrayal: It was finally time for the Casa Amor fallout on Thursday night Love Island. And it started dramatically when Abi and Toby’s fate was sealed

Laura Whitmore returned to the villa to oversee the reconnection, with the original villa girls deciding whether to hold on or twist.

Abi insisted she thought Toby was worth the wait, only that he threw her under the bus for his new blonde partner.

Chloe – who was also previously betrayed by Toby – labeled him a ‘p***k’ and a ‘f**king idiot’ from the sidelines.

Laura asked Abi to say something and replied, “Happy for you!”

Faye applauded her for this, while Mary apologized to Abi.

A very sheepish looking Toby returned to the hearth to sit with Mary while the rest of the girls glared at him.

He explained: ‘I don’t know what to say at this point, to be honest. I’m a little shocked. I just thought it was still early, and with six new pretty boys I thought… I don’t know.

“Going to Casa Amor was a bit of a blank slate. With Mary there was no pressure on the situation, she is an attractive and beautiful girl inside and out, so when I came back I also wanted to bring something I had with someone.”

Chloe had kicked off the rematch and decided to pick the new boy Dale, despite her friendship with Hugo.

Hugo returned with new girl Amy, who had previously found no connections.

Both couples seemed happy for each other, and everyone cheered on Hugo as he walked in with Amy on his arm.

“I’ve found what’s missing,” he declared sweetly.

Chloe’s decision to choose Dale may have surprised some, after he refused to share a bed with her earlier in the show.

In a strange move, he chose to sleep separately from her, leaving Chloe feeling humiliated.

But when he cleared the air with him the next day, Chloe clearly felt he was worth staying around.

The episode ended on a cliffhanger, with the remaining couples yet to be seen.

Tension hangs around Liam and Millie, with the latter expected to remain loyal to Liam, and seems likely to return with Lillie after kissing her at Casa Amor.

Other betrayals have taken place in the form of Kaz and Tyler – the latter romanticizing Clarisse and expected to return with her. However, Kaz prevented this and chose to move on with a new man himself, in the form of Matthew.

Teddy has remained loyal to Faye, but a misleading postcard from Casa Amor has seen her grow closer to Sam.

The rest of the rematch takes place on Friday’s show, at 9pm on ITV2.