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Love Island star Jessie’s mom gushes about Will in the run-up to the finale


EXCLUSIVE: ‘We couldn’t be happier they found each other’: Love Island star Jessie’s mother gushes about Will in the run-up to finale

Jessie Wynter’s mother, Alice, sang the praises of Will Young before the Love Island finale.

Alice said that Will was ‘wonderful’ and that her daughter was being completely authentic.

In quotes obtained by MailOnline, he said: ‘That’s definitely my little Jessie on TV. Jessie doesn’t know how to be anyone but herself. She really loves it when the inner Aussie in her shines through.

Speaking of Will, he said: “We all think he’s wonderful and I couldn’t be happier that he and Jessie have found each other.”

“I’m so touched by his kind and caring side and I love the fact that he has a wicked sense of humor and isn’t afraid to laugh at himself.”

Gushing: Jessie Wynter’s mom Alice sang Will Young’s praises ahead of the Love Island finale

Big fan: Alice said Will was

Big Fan: Alice said that Will was “wonderful” and that her daughter was being completely authentic.

Jessie has said on the show several times that she plans to move from Australia to the UK and that her mother has been completely supportive of her.

Alice said: ‘We’re all very supportive of whatever makes Jessie the happiest. Jessie was in the UK last year and she loved it.

“She’s never shy about getting on a plane, so I’m sure we would see each other regularly no matter the distance.” Technology today also makes it very easy to stay connected.’

Will has talked at length about his home farm, and Alice said that Jessie will feel right at home there.

She explained: ‘Jessie often talks about living in the country and has always been proud of her rural upbringing.

“She has never been afraid of hard work or getting her hands dirty. Jessie is good with animals, she has grown up with many around her.

Meanwhile, he added that Will would do well in Australia too, saying, “I think Will would really enjoy Australia and the Australian way of life.”

“He seems to be a real outdoorsy guy and there are plenty of outdoor activities to keep him busy.” Aussies love a larrikin and farmer, it would fit the bill!

“I don’t see Will having too much trouble with wildlife as long as Jessie is around to rescue him from the bugs.”

Talking about what she would say if she had the chance to speak to Jessie in the village, Alice said: “I would tell Jessie how much we love her, we are proud of her, that she is a force of nature and she has behaved well.” ‘

Praise: Meanwhile, Kai's mother Jill sang Sanam's praises and said:

Praise: Meanwhile, Kai’s mother Jill sang Sanam’s praises, saying, “We think Sanam is a lovely girl and very suitable for Kai.”

Meanwhile, Kai’s mother Jill praised Sanam, saying, “We think Sanam is a lovely girl and very suitable for Kai.”

‘The whole family really loves Sanam. You can see Kai and Sanam having a fantastic future together. I would love to ask Sanam what first attracted her to Kai.

Talking about his favorite moment on the show so far, he said, “We loved the Home episode and were really pleased that Kai decided to bring Sanam back.” And Kai’s outfit when she went to The Hideaway Retreat. We all thought that was hilarious.

Jill added, “If I could talk to Kai, I’d tell him to just keep being himself.” I would tell him that I love him and I can’t wait to give him a big hug and tell him that I am so proud of him.

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