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Love Island SPOILER: ‘You’ve been giving me eyes’: Amber and Dami FINALLY share their first kiss

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Paige Thorne

Name: Paige Thorne

Age: 24

Place: Swansea

Activity: paramedic

Who is their type on paper? ‘I just can’t find anyone in Swansea.

“I don’t have to wipe. So hopefully they can just come to me now!

“I came out of a relationship and was just so done with guys. Then I thought: ‘Okay, I’m bored now’

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Indian Polack

Name: Indian Polack

Age: 23

Place: London

Activity: Hotel waitress

Who is their type on paper? “It’s kind of hard to date without being influenced by social media and stuff like that.

Love Island is a great place to get to know someone one-on-one.

“I don’t think I’ve ever dated two guys who are quite the same.”

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Tasha Ghouric

Name: Tasha Ghouric

Age: 23

Place: Thirsko

Activity: Model and dancer

Who is their type on paper? †My dating life has been a mess.

“This is an opportunity for me to find ‘the one’ and have a great summer at the same time.

“I’m definitely ready for a relationship. I’m 23 now, so I’m ready to get to know someone and travel with them.”

Gemma Owen

Gemma Owen

Name: Gemma Owen

Age: 19

Place: Chester

Activity: International dressage rider and business owner

Who is their type on paper? †I am open to find love, I want to have a very nice summer.

“I’d say I’m fun, flirty, and fiery. I think I’m good at giving advice, I’m a good person to talk to, I’m very honest.

“If I want the same man, I would, but in a nice respectful way.

Andrew Le Page

Andrew Le Page

Name: Andrew Le Page

Age: 27

Place: Guernsey

Activity: Estate agent

Who is their type on paper? †When I’m with someone, I’m very loyal.

“I’m a good friend because when I’m with someone, I’m all there for them.

‘I’m actually single once, so I thought why not?

This is the best time to try it.’

Luca Bis

Luca Bis

Name: Luca Bis

Age: 23

Place: Brighton

Activity: fishmonger

Who is their type on paper? †I prefer to meet girls outside. I think if you go looking for it, it’s not that easy though, it’s like you’re too desperate for it.

“If I think you’re the one or I like you, I’ll take you on a date, but other than that, if we’re talking and I don’t like where it’s going — then I won’t throw dates away.”

Afia Tonkmor

Afia Tonkmor

Name: Afia Tonkmor

Age: 25

Place: London

Activity: Lounge host at a private members club

Who is their type on paper? “I love going on dates, but I want a relationship and just end it!

“I like going on dates, but I’m so done with it now, I just want the relationship, chill thing.”

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