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Love Island fans left BEGGING for a public vote after season ‘drags on’ with Casey and Claudia drama


‘This season died a long time ago’: Love Island fans BEGG for a public vote after season ‘dragged’ with Casey and Claudia drama

Love Island fans begged for a public vote on Tuesday after the latest episode continued with Casey and Claudia’s plot drama.

Fans are tired of the ongoing storyline, leaving Casey struggling to choose between the two girls.

It all started after the new girl Rosie made her entrance and choice to pair up with Casey in Friday’s dramatic episodeleaving Claudia to wonder what that meant for her relationship with him.

And even though the love triangle came to an end Monday night, when Casey chose Rosie, the aftermath continued.

Meanwhile, a reported shock Love Island mass dumping is underway, with host Maya Jama appearing in South Africa earlier on Tuesday.

On top of that: Love Island fans begged for a public vote on Tuesday after the latest episode continued with Casey and Claudia’s plot drama

But the dumping can’t come soon enough, because by taking to Twitter as the episode aired, fans made it clear they’d had enough.

One viewer wrote, “I still can’t understand why there hasn’t been a public vote and why the producers are determined to keep toxic girls in the villa. This season died long ago.”

A second viewer said, “I just wonder when there will be a public vote because most of these people just have to go!”

“I swear, if there’s no public vote after tonight, I’m done,” a third added.

Meanwhile, many fans have made it clear exactly who will go first when the vote is finally done.

One fan commented, “You better forgive Tanya because there’s definitely going to be a public vote today and Olivia has to go.”

Then another added, “No, real talk… Why hasn’t there been a public vote for ages? Olivia has to go. Tanya, Shaq, Jessie have to go. Claudia. Lana. Ronald. Even Kanan.”

This comes next Maya Jama made a casual figure after landing in Cape Town, South Africa on Tuesday ahead of a reported Love Island mass dumping.

It is claimed that the presenter, 28, will enter the villa to break the news that some of the islanders’ time is up.

The TV presenter appeared in high spirits as she made her way through the airport dressed in a comfy green Aries Arise tracksuit.

Her outfit featured a white design on the arms and legs, and she shielded her eyes behind dark sunglasses while chatting on her phone.

Love Island bosses are said to be planning a shocking mass dumping, endangering many of the participants.

A source told The sunIt’s going to be the most dramatic moment yet when Maya walks in and reveals that several members of the cast are going home.

“It’s cruel because it’s less than two weeks before the final, but everyone is in danger of being dumped. There are really tough decisions to make.

“If fans thought Casa Amor and Movie Night were must-see episodes, this is going to be a whole new level of drama.”

Maya teased her return to the villa on Monday, sharing photos of herself enjoying a burger and glass of champagne in the departure lounge at the airport.

The twist puts Will and Jessie, Lana and Ron, Shaq and Tanya, Kai and Sanam, Tom and Samie, Olivia and Maxwell, Claudia and the new bomb Keanan and Casey and the new bomb Rosie all in danger.

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