Love Actually 20 years on: how have the actors who scored small roles fared?

Hugh Grant’s dashing Prime Minster and Emma Thompson’s heartbreaking portrayal as Alan Rickman’s wife are well-known. But what about the rest of the cast that made Love Actually a Christmas smash? 

Grant, Colin Firth (starring as Martine McCutcheon), and other major actors from the 2003 movie appeared in an ABC special airing today in America to reflect on the movie almost 20 years later. 

The Laughter & Secrets of Love Actually: 20 Years Later sees journalist Diane Sawyer interview the main stars as well as writer and director Richard Curtis.

What about the smaller roles that actors played on this festive classic, which helped make it the cult-watch it is today? 

Diane Sawyer interviewed Love Actually cast members ahead of an ABC special in the US today (pictured with Thomas Brodie–Sangster).

Adam Godley was a school choir leader who sang All I Want For Christmas Is You. This has earned him fame in the theatre as well as other shows since Love Actually. 

Meanwhile, actresses with minor roles in the Christmas movie, including Sienna Guillory, who played Firth’s cheating girlfriend in the film, or Julia Davis, who stood out as an unimpressed caterer, have seen their careers blossom on the small screen. 

Femail shares the fortunes and fame of those actors whose small roles made Love Actually a huge success. 

Jamie’s cheating girlfriend Sienna Guillory

Sienna Guillory Played Colin Firth'S Girlfriend, Who It Is Revealed Is Cheating On Him With His Brother At The Start Of The Movie

Colin Firth was played by Sienna Guillory, his girlfriend. It is revealed that he is having an affair with his brother at beginning of the movie. 

At the start of Love Actually, Jamie – played by Colin Firth –  heads to his friends’ Juliet and Peter’s wedding and leaves his girlfriend. Played by Sienna Guillory at home. 

Although the girlfriend has no name, she plays an important role in the plot. She pretends to be sick so that she can cheat on Jamie and his brother. 

After Jamie discovers that he has been played by his girlfriend. He travels to Portugal to meet Aurelia, played beautifully by Lucia Moniz. 

Guillory’s career took off since Love Actually was released. 

She first found fame in Jilly Cooper’s Riders in 1993, became a top model, was a tabloid darling when she dated Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels star Nick Moran, and then moved to LA where she played a string of tough girls including warrior Jill Valentine in the hit Resident Evil series. 

After having her girls, Valentina and Lucia, she was terrified she’d never work again. She was able to train for Retribution just weeks after her birth.  

Sienna Guillory Went On To Star In Stan Lee'S Thriller Action Series Lucky Man Which Aired From 2016 To 2018, Alongside Rupert Penry-Jones

Sienna Guillory went on to star in Stan Lee’s thriller action series Lucky Man which aired from 2016 to 2018, alongside Rupert Penry-Jones

Sienna is married with actor Enzo Zilenti. They moved back from Los Angeles in 2013 to be closer to their children. 

‘I was terrified people would have forgotten me’ – but almost immediately she got the script for Luther, to play the maverick cop’s love interest Mary Day. 

‘It’s easier to play characters that are different to you; with Jill Valentine I was all-powerful. With Mary I had to be really honest; she’s got emotional Tourette’s like me. Playing her was an emotional ride.’

Sienna says it was a joy to work with Luther’s lead Idris Elba.

Sienna Was 'Terrified' She Wouldn'T Get Acting Roles After Returning To The Uk From La In 2013, But Almost Immediately Landed The Role Of Mary Day In Luther Alongside Idris Elba

Sienna was terrified that she wouldn’t get any acting roles upon her return to the UK in 2013 from Los Angeles. However, she landed the role as Mary Day in Luther almost immediately alongside Idris Elba 

‘He’s amazing,’ she gushed. ‘He’s really big, and I never knew what he was going to do next; pick me up or knock me over. The love scenes were a perk,’ she adds. ‘It was much nicer kissing him than Antonio Banderas, who told me I was a terrible kisser in front of the whole crew [on 2011’s The Big Bang]. 

She Starred in several TV series, including Stan Lee’s thriller action series Lucky Man. It aired between 2016 and 2018. 

From From 2015 to 2018, she also starred in Fortitude as Natalie Yelburton. Richard Dormer and in In 2018 she also made an appearance in the music video for Liam Gallagher’s Paper Crown. 

In Clifford The Big, 2021 she played Maggie Howard, a busy mother in the animated children’s film Clifford The Big. Red Dog. 

Julia Davis – Annie The Caterer 

Julia Davis Stood Out As Annie, An Unimpressed Caterer Who Is Hit On By Kris Marshall'S Colin In The Movie

Julia Davis was the star of Annie, a unimpressed caterer who is attracted to Kris Marshall’s Colin.

Throughout Her Career, She Has Endeared Herself To Fans With Her Roles In Gavin And Stacey And The Night Nighty, Pictured

Her roles in Gavin and Stacey and the Night Nighty have made her a favorite throughout her career. 

Love Actually is a beloved comedy that mixes festive cheer with British comedy. As Julia Davis shows, there was a conflict between Colin Frissell and Annie, played by Kris Marshall, and Annie, played Julia Davis. 

He attempts to charm the caterer at a party he and the woman are attending. But he’s embarrassed when the woman tells him that she actually provided the snacks he was laughing at. 

Colin convinces Annie through his interaction, and he decides to go to the US because he believes women will love his British charm. 

Julia has enjoyed success in her career since her appearance on the festive film. 

SheShe has appeared on TV in The Outlaws and was last year a part of the BBC drama A Very British Scandal. 

She also voiced Linda Le Bon in Sing 2. 

She has been a beloved actress in many BBC sitcoms, including the much-loved Gavin and Stacey.

Julia played the unhappy, angry Dawn Sutcliffe. Their up-and-down relationship with Pete saw them exchange bitter insults and play tonsil tennis one after the other.

Fans were stunned when Dawn sneered at her husband’s shiny eternity ring at the altar, and vowed to renew their vows in the third series.

Julia, in addition to her comical performance in Gavin and Stacey was also a star in and co-wrote BBC black comedy Nighty Night. This is another favorite comedy show with comedy fans.

She Jill, the character in the sitcom plays, discovers her husband is dying in the first episode and signs up on dating websites to find a new partner.

After Little success, she instead turns her attention towards Don (played Angus Deayton), her neighbor who is also married. 

Rodrigo Santoro – Karl  

Brazilian Actor Rodrigo Santoro Played The Ultimate Christmas Heartthrob Karl In Love Actually

Rodrigo Santoro from Brazil played the role of Karl, the ultimate Christmas heartthrob in Love Actually  

In 2016 Rodrigo Received Personal Blessings From Pope Francis Santoro For His Role As Jesus In Ben-Hur (Pictured At The In Limites Prime Video Event In June In Madrid)

Rodrigo received the personal blessings of Pope Francis Santoro in 2016 to play the role as Jesus in Ben-Hur. (Photo taken at in Limites Prime Video in Madrid in June). 

Rodrigo Santoro was a hot Brazilian actor who played Karl, Laura Linney’s shy object of affections. However, their romance almost ended on the screen.

Santoro worked hard since Love Actually’s release, appearing in Focus 300 and Focus along with Margot Robbie.

Following the Christmas romcom, he also acted in the ABC drama Lost. Lost followed survivors of a crash that resulted in them landing on an island. 

Even though he did not have a prominent role in the drama (his character Paulo died shortly after his first appearance), millions of viewers watched the show. Many viewers would have recognized Karl from his role on the show.

HeHe was a star in HBO’s big-budget drama Westworld. It is a sci-fi-meets Wild West mashup. He played Hector Escaton, a wanted gang leader.

Rodrigo received the personal blessings of Pope Francis Santoro in 2016 to play the role of Jesus as Ben-Hur, a Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer-financed remake the 1959 biblical epic.

He also appeared alongside JLo in What To Expect When You’re Expecting in 2011. 

Santoro won many awards over his career, the majority of which were in Brazil.

He Also, a nomination for an MTV Movie Award was received for best villain in 300. 

Elisha Cuthbert- Carol-Anne-American Goddess 

In The Movie, Elisha Cuthbert, Left, Is One Third Of A Trio Of Raucous American Women Who Welcome Brit Colin Frissell, Who Hopes A Move To The Us Will Guarantee Him A Better Love Life

Elisha Cuthbert (left) is one of three raucous American women welcoming Brit Colin Frissell to America. He hopes that a move here will give him a better life.

A Year After Love Actually Was Release, Elisha Got The Main Role In The Raunchy Romcom The Girl Next Door, Where She Played A Reformed Adult Movie Actress Who Falls In Love With Her Besotted Neighbour

 Elisha was released in Love Actually a year later. In the raunchy romcom The Girl Next Door Elisha played the lead role as a recovering adult movie actress, who falls in love and becomes a besotted neighbor.

Elisha Cuthbert played the part of an American Goddess character and was sure to have a successful career after Love Actually. 

First, she was Kiefer Suerland’s Jack Bauer’s 24-year-old daughter Kim. Then, she appeared in the Christmas classic. 

She is one of three raucous American women that welcome Brit Colin Frissell to America in the movie. He hopes that a move here will bring him better love and a better life. 

Elisha, who plays Carol Anne, and her friends January Jones and Shannon Elizabeth coax Colin to say several words while they play with his British accent. 

Elisha was given the lead role in The Girl Next Door, a raunchy romcom about a woman who has lost her soul to her neighbor, one year after Love Actually was released. 

She She also played Kim Bauer in 24. Her famous kidnapping in the pilot episode of 24 prompted Jack (Sutherland), to track down her captors.

She is a key character in the story and gets kidnapped a few more times. In the series that followed, viewers see her mature into an adult and pursue her own career as her father risk his life to save the planet. 

From 2011 to 2020, Elisha had a recurrent role on the romantic series Happy Endings, where she played Alex Kerkovich. 

She is a mother of two, Zaphire, four-year-old, and Fable, who was born earlier in the year.

“That’s what the” [film] Studio asked you to do …,’. ‘I mean, Halle Berry was doing it, for God’s sake… Jennifer Aniston was doing it. It was probably too early for us to be forced to do this, but we felt pressured to.

Elisha has posed for Maxim, FHM, and other magazines throughout her career and was on many ‘hot girl’ lists.  

She Maxim readers had previously named her TV’s most beautiful woman, but she said at the time that she was concerned about how her Happy Endings co stars Casey Wilson or Eliza Coupe would react. 

“To think that only one person could be beautiful when there are Sofia Vergara and Kaley Cuoco?” Maxim was told by Elisha that they were all beautiful. 

Adam Godley, Sam and Joanna’s teacher Mr Trench

Adam Godley Played A Small Part In One Of The Movie'S Most Iconic Scene - The All I Want For Christmas Choir Rendition Which Serves As A Love Actually'S Emotional Climax

Adam Godley was a small actor in the film’s most famous scene, the All I Want For Christmas Choir rendition. This serves as Love Actually’s emotional high point.

Adam, Left, Recently Played The Archbishop In Hbo'S Irreverent Historical Drama On Catherine The Great, Starring Elle Fanning And Nicholas Hoult, Right

Adam, left is the Archbishop in HBO’s irreverent historical drama Catherine The Great. It stars Elle Fanning (right) and Nicholas Hoult (right). 

This actor was a part of one of the most memorable scenes in the movie – the All I Want Christmas Choir rendition, which serves as Love Actually’s emotional high point. 

Adam is the teacher who introduces the song as the choir prepares for it to start. He then puts on a scarf before joining the chorus. 

The musical number sees Sam, played by Thomas Brodie-Sandford, playing the drums in hopes of impression Joanna, the most popular girl in school, who he has a crush on. 

Adam has had a long and successful career, completing many projects on and off-screen. 

He Recently, Elle Fanning and Nicholas Hoult played the archbishop in the absurd historical drama Catherine The Great. 

He Also voiced Pogo, a chimp in Netflix’s highly successful Umbrella Academy.  

His theatre work has won him critical acclaim. He has been nominated four times for the Lawrence Olivier Award between 1999 and 2019. 

He Theatre also won World Award for Outstanding Broadway Debut for his role in Private Lives, and was nominated for a Tony Award in 2011 for Anything Goes and this year for his part in The Lehman Trilogy.  

Nina Sosanya – Annie 

Nina Sosanya Played The Prime Minister Chief Of Staff In Love Actually And Went On To Have A Great Career

Nina Sosanya was the Prime Minister Chief of Staff in Love Actually. She went on to have an amazing career. 

The Actress Recently Starred In Thw Channel 4 Series Screwed Alongside Derry Girls Alum Jamie-Lee O'Donnell

The actress recently starred in thw Channel 4 series Screwed alongside Derry Girls alum Jamie-Lee O’Donnell

She Nina Sosanya was the Chief of Staff to the Prime Minister in Love Actually. Her career only grew after the Christmas movie. 

This versatile actress was a part of some of TV’s most loved shows, such as the second series of Killing Eve. 

She She starred in Screwed with Jamie-Lee O’Donnell, a Derry Girls alum. Alongside this project, she also appeared in Staged, a BBC TV series. 

Between 2019 and 2020, Elaine Parry was her starring role on His Dark Materials. 

She has also enjoyed a successful on stage career, starring in the emotional play Frozen in 2018 at the Theatre Royal Haymarket. 

Marcus Brigstocke – Mikey

As Local Radio Dj Mikey, Marcus Brigstocke Was Surprised By Interviewee Billy Mack'S Honesty During An Appearance To Promote His 'Festering Turd' Of A Christmas Single

Marcus Brigstocke, a local radio DJ Mikey, was shocked by Billy Mack’s honesty while promoting his Christmas single, the ‘festering turkey’.

Since Then He'S Gone On To Work Extensively In Comedy On Radio 4, And Presented A Weekly Topical Chat Show On Bbc Four Called The Late Edition

He has been a comedian on Radio 4 since then, and he also hosts a weekly chat show called The Late Edition on BBC Four.

Marcus Brigstocke, a local radio DJ Mikey, was surprised at Billy Mack’s honesty while promoting his Christmas single, “Ferring Turd”.

He has been a comedian on Radio 4 since then, and he also hosts a weekly chat show called The Late Edition on BBC Four.

The comedian was on The Jump 2014 reality show, but was forced from the grand final due to injury in his knee.

Marcus was the lead role in the revival of American musical Barnum, 2017. He also gained specialist circus skills such as magic and walking tightropes.

Joanna Page – Just Judy 

One Of The Funniest Love Stories Unfolding In The Christmas Classic Follow Two Actor Stunt Doubles Falling In Love Over The Holidays As They Film Nude Scenes For A Blockbuster Movie, Played By Joanna Page And Martin Freeman, Pictured

Joanna Page and Martin Freeman portray two stunt doubles as they fall in love during the holidays. 

Joanna As Stacey Shipman In The Sitcom Gavin And Stacey, Starring Matthew Horne, James Corden, Right And Ruth Jones

Joanna plays Stacey Shipman, in the sitcom Gavin and Stacey starring Matthew Horne and James Corden right and Ruth Jones

Two stunt doubles of actors fall in love during the holidays and film nude scenes to make a Christmas movie. This is one of the funniest love stories. 

Joanna Page was the young blonde ingenue who falls for Martin Freeman, and eventually agrees to go out on Christmas Eve with him. 

Following her appearance in Love Actually, her career was blown away. She then went on to star as James Corden on Gavin and Stacey. 

Joanna, who has been a great help to the nation, went from strength-to-strength and recently played Bethan in Doolittle 2020, starring Robert Downey Jr. 

She She has also appeared in many made-for TV productions throughout the year. 

Lucia Moniz – Aurelia

As A Portuguese Cleaner, Lucia Moniz Made Viewers Believe In True Love As She Fell For Colin Firth'S Character Jamie.

Lucia Moniz, a Portuguese cleaner made viewers believe in true romance when she fell for Colin Firth’s character Jamie.

The Multi-Talented Star Had Success As A Singer Before Starring In The Richard Curtis Film And Returned To The Music Industry After Its Release, Producing Albums In 2005 And 2011. Pictured In February Of This Year

Multi-talented, the star was a singer who had great success before appearing in Richard Curtis’ film. She returned to the music business after the release of the film, where she produced albums in 2005 as well as 2011. This photo was taken in February this year 

Moniz was a Portuguese cleaner and made viewers believe that true love is possible when she fell in love with Colin Firth’s Jamie.

Before appearing in Richard Curtis, the multi-talented star had achieved success singing before she was cast in the film. She returned to music after its release and produced albums in 2005 and 2011.

Moniz reprised the role she played in Love Actually Red Nose Day Actually, a sequel to the short-film Nose Day Actually that was broadcast on British TV in March 2017.

Joe Fisher – Gregor Fisher 

Gregor Fisher Played Joe, Billy Mack'S Long-Suffering Manager. He'S Worked On Several Projects Since Love Actually

Gregor Fisher was Joe Mack’s long-suffering manager. HeSince Love Actually, she has been involved in several projects. 

Gregor Fisher Has Had Landed A Handful Of Film Roles In Recent Years And In Tv Shows Including Missing And Oiiver Twist In 2007 (Pictured At The 2016 Edinburgh Film Festival)

Gregor Fisher was a recent film actor and has appeared in a few TV shows, such as Missing and OIiver Twist. 

Joe, a long-suffering, but perfectly ‘normal’ music manager was the perfect foil to Billy Mack in this festive movie. 

George Fisher has had a few roles in films and on TV in recent years, including Missing and OIiver twistst.

From 1989 to 1999, the actor was a star in the series Rab. C. Nesbitt. He reprised the role from 2008 to 2014. 

He Love Actually fans were so impressed by him that they were shocked when he was removed from 2017 Red Nose Love Actually was a special that saw some of the cast returning as their beloved characters from Christmas movie. 

Fisher played Ray in The Cockfields last year. 

Meg Wynn Owen is the PM’s secretary 

Meg Wynn Owen, 82, Had £65,000 Stolen From Her By Brian Malam, 60. She Played Hugh Grant'S Secretary When He Was Prime Minister In Love Actually

Meg Wynn Owen, 82, had £65,000 stolen from her by Brian Malam, 60. She Hugh Grant’s secretary in the Prime Minister in Love era 

Hugh Grant’s strict-looking secretary in Love Actually was played by Meg Wynn Owen. 

Sadly, the actress’s life ended on a tragic note after she was swindled off £65,000 by a conman. 

Meg, who died in July earlier this year, 82, and whose real name was Margaret Wright, was forced to wear dead people’s clothes at her care home and have staff cut her hair after she was robbed of all her money.

Brian Malam, 60 was sentenced to more than two-and a half years in prison for raiding the life savings of the dementia sufferer.

A court heard that the couple formed a friendship while working together on BBC shows. Malam, who was a costume designer for the Doctor Who videogames, was given her power of attorney.

Mrs Wright, Who Is Known For Her Roles In Upstairs, Downstairs (Pictured) And Pride &Amp; Prejudice, Was Left Wearing The Clothes Of 'Deceased' Residents At Her Care Home After Having Her Life Savings Swindled

Mrs Wright, who is known for her roles in Upstairs, Downstairs (pictured) and Pride & Prejudice, was left wearing the clothes of ‘deceased’ residents at her care home after having her life savings swindled

Prosecutor Abigail Jackson said Mrs Wright – who also starred in Upstairs, Downstairs and Pride & Prejudice – entrusted Malam to transfer money to her care home.

But Malam instead made electronic payments of £53,000 along with more than £11,000 in direct spending from her accounts to himself, Cardiff Crown Court heard.

Ms Jackson stated that the bank raised alarm after they saw suspicious activity on Mrs Wright’s account.

She “Mrs Wright was so upset by it. The matter was reported to the police in September 2020.

“That was how the police began investigating the matter and it came to light.

The court heard Mrs Wright’s Barclay’s account was left with a £1,750.12 overdraft which was later written off by the bank.

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