Los Angeles city councilman says homeless crisis means children 'step over needles, human waste'

Los Angeles Democrat City Councilman Joe Buscaino told Dr. Phil that children in his town are being forced to “step over needles” and “human waste” on their way to school because of California’s ongoing homeless crisis.

On his show, the TV doctor discussed a piece of recently passed legislation designed to deal with LA’s dangerous and ever-expanding tent cities.

“At a recent Los Angeles City Council meeting, members voted to ban the homeless from pitching tents within 500 feet of schools and daycare centers,” he said.

But not all are pleased with the measures being taken to address the city’s unwieldy problems with the displaced population.

“Protesters at one point closed the rally, angry about new restrictions that will expand the number of sites where sleeping and camping are prohibited,” he continued.

The city’s homeless population has grown in tandem with a rising crime rate and the same economic problems the rest of the country is currently facing.

According to the police, there have been 7.3 percent more homicides in Los Angeles this year than last year. And the same progressive bail reform policies that have contributed to the increase in crime in New York allow dangerous criminals to mingle with the rest of LA’s homeless population.

Last year, the number of murders increased by 12 percent compared to last year, the number of robberies by 5.3 percent and the number of shootings by 14.8 percent. Two attempts to recall the city’s progressive DA have ended in failure.

Sarah Tindall, center, walks with her sons Dylan and River past a homeless camp near Hollywood’s Larchmont Charter School

City Councilman Joe Buscaino Says Kids Shouldn'T Fear Drug Needles, Human Feces And Erratic Behavior As They Walk To School

City Councilman Joe Buscaino says kids shouldn’t fear drug needles, human feces and erratic behavior as they walk to school

Another Mother Takes Her Daughter From High School To School Through A Los Angeles Homeless Camp.  Los Angeles Is Currently Home To The Most Homeless Camps In The Country

Another mother takes her daughter from high school to school through a Los Angeles homeless camp. Los Angeles is currently home to the most homeless camps in the country

Buscaino appeared on the show to defend the measure.

He said, “No kid in America should be afraid to walk to school, and what we found in Los Angeles [is] is that children are afraid to walk to school.’

“They tell their parents to step over needles and human waste and deal with people who unfortunately suffer from psychotic behavior – right next to their playground,” he added.

Buscaino represents Los Angeles’s 15th district and ran in the last election to become the city’s mayor before stepping down and supporting businessman Rick Caruso.

The politician told Dr. Phil that his legislative agenda is not driven by hatred or bigotry towards the homeless, but rather by the need to protect the vulnerable in his community.

“It’s not a crime to be homeless, but these are sensitive spaces that we need to protect, the most sensitive spaces among us. Playgrounds, beaches, libraries, parks — and have some responsibility for those who are in these spaces,” he said.

On his office’s website, Buscaino advertises to voters the ability to report a homeless camp directly to the city. Most camps are illegal.

Over the past year, camp residents have become increasingly brazen, erecting large tents and cordoning off entire streets, much to the chagrin of outraged locals

There are even indications that residents of the pop-up camps are siphoning water and electricity from the city.

Aggression from the city’s homeless population increased during the pandemic, as has been the case in virtually all other major metropolitan areas. Like many liberal cities across the country, LA has become a den of debauchery and crime and the way forward is unclear at best.

In This Video, Bernstein Shows A Homeless Woman Who Had Broken Into His Neighbor'S Fountain

He Later Let Her Take A Dip In The Canals Of Venice

TikTok star Franky Bernstein documents his regular encounters with the homeless population of Venice, California

Dr. Phil also spoke with TikTok star Franky Bernstein, who has shot many videos highlighting California’s homeless crisis and specifically his interactions with the many homeless people he lives with in Venice, California.

Bernstein’s video documents a number of interactions he had, including an encounter with a “homeless man with a shotgun.” In that particular video, he noted that it took the police “30 minutes to show up.”

“Which is insane.” he added.

In another video, he talks about an encounter he had with a “homeless man with a bat” who tried to break into his neighbor’s house. The man then allegedly tried to break into another neighbor’s house, three doors down.

In a third video, Bernstein says he came across a homeless woman swimming in his neighbor’s fountain before taking a dip in the Venice Canal.

Bernstein told Dr. Phil that he’s “handled my own fair share of addiction and mental health issues…so I totally get it.”

He added that he believes one of the “biggest problems as a citizen (dealing with the homelessness crisis) is that most people do nothing.”

“We could have all the money in the world to solve this problem, but if not enough people show up to volunteer, it’s not really going to work,” he said.

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Dr. Phil said California is home to more than “half of all unsheltered homeless people in the United States” and currently has the “highest number of homeless camps.”

“This problem is not going away,” he warned. “It seems to be growing, if anything I think inflation might be making it worse.”

Los Angeles residents recently voted to elect progressive Democrat Karen Bass as their next mayor, over the more conservative businessman Rick Carusowho walked on a platform to mitigate the city’s spiraling homeless problem.

Though Bass now says she will work to “fix homelessness” and deal with “chaos on the streets” and rising crime in her city.

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