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Lord of the Rings: Fan Fiction Author Is Suing Amazon, Wanting $250M – WhatsNew2Day


A fan fiction writer has filed a lawsuit over Amazon’s Rings of Power series. © Amazon Studios / New Line Cinema

Demetrious Polychron is obviously very convinced of his work. The author wrote a fan fiction about The Lord of the Rings and now thinks that Amazon and The Tolkien Estate stole his ideas for their Rings of Power series. That’s why he filed a lawsuit – and wants $250 million.

What exactly is he accusing the media giant of and are his accusations tenable? We summarize the most important things for you.

Why the author is suing Amazon

Polychron published a fan fiction book based on Lord of the Rings in September 2022 via Amazon called »The Fellowship of the King: The War of the Rings«. According to the Polychron, the book “is based on Tolkien’s world, but is a completely original work”.

The author is convinced that names and ideas were stolen from his fan fiction and provides a few alleged ones in his lawsuit examples:

  • A Harfoot named Elanor appears in Rings of Power. This is also the name of a character in Polychrons Fan Fiction, namely Sam’s daughter. However, that’s her name in the official Tolkien canon as well.
  • The series character Adar was also stolen. According to Polychron, it is based on his story, in which Elf Glorfindel begins serving Morgoth.
  • The fact that Galadriel becomes a warrior in Rings of Power is also copied; Polychron quotes his line: »Galadriel led her people through the tangle of attacking orcs«.

What is the legal situation?

Polychron had been seeking a collaboration with The Tolkien Estate, which manages the Middle-earth rights, since 2017. However, he never received an answer – so it is more than questionable whether he can even claim copyrights for an unauthorized fan fiction.

Nevertheless, he is demanding $250 million from Amazon and The Tolkien Estate for alleged copyright infringement.

The legal situation surrounding fan fiction is complex, but the following generally applies: They are tolerated as long as the copyright holders do not expressly object, they are recognizable as unofficial work and the fan fiction author does not make any money from them. However, Polychron sold his book for $12 for the Kindle and $27 for the hardcover edition.

His book can no longer be found on Amazon, all links lead to a deleted shop page.

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