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Looking For An Employee Intranet Portal?


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Statistics show that the successful implementation of the right intranet platform can enhance workplace productivity by 25%. (Reference

Do you plan to introduce an employee intranet portal to your business? You need to be precise and mindful about your choice. To help you select the best intranet platform, below are a few professional tips: 

#1 Determine Your Business Goals

Before you purchase an employee intranet portal, it is crucial to identify the key goals of your organization. Here are a few common efficiency/productivity goals businesses try to meet: 

  • Creating a central platform- for disparate tools, apps, internal communications and news, employee collaboration, and documents.
  • Convenient to use- it should provide intuitive tools that allow employees to easily and quickly search files, documents, and information to get their tasks done 
  • Strengthening the company’s brand internally- making the core values strong that are expressed externally to the clients and internally within the office. Strengthening them will help you deliver quality services and enhance your brand’s image.
  • Collaboration and Communication- increasing fluent interaction among your employees by incorporating designs and apps – as convenient as social media – to help improve real-time discussions. 

Make a list of all the best intranet platforms that you find worth investing in. Then prioritize your goals and rank each software in your list based on their ability to fulfill your requirements. The one that tops the list will be more likely the one you can consider finalizing.

2. Look For An Attractive UI

It’s obvious that you are going to use your intranet portal on a regular basis. That’s why it is important to look for software that comes with an easy and attractive UI. Your intranet’s UI is an important topic of conversation when it comes to the user experience of your employees. 

Your goal is to make your employees adapt to the new knowledge management platform without hesitation and in less time. An attractive UI makes your intranet software more pleasurable and easier to use. Therefore you should definitely check an intranet’s UI before making any final decision.

#3 Don’t Forget To Check Integration

Integration is a crucial thing to consider when looking for the best corporate intranet portal. But still, many people consider it unimportant and decide to ignore it. The whole point of introducing an intranet is to minimize the use of multiple softwares for the activities of your business.

Therefore, your software should integrate all of your important data and tools, without any issue. If your intranet portal does not allow you to carry out 90% of your daily activities like sending emails, managing files, etc., you should choose another one.

#4 Check the quality of Technical Support

Introducing a new corporate intranet software to your firm can be an overwhelming and sometimes difficult process. It becomes more time-consuming if your employees have never used such platforms in the past. 

The chances of you running into technical issues while using or installing the software are high. And therefore, it becomes important to choose a company that offers the highest quality technical support. Because the last thing you want is to get the work stuck because of any technical issue.

Final Words

Shopping for intranet software for your business isn’t an easy job. But with these tips, you can make it less stressful and choose the right portal for your firm. Just make sure to bookmark this post in order to access it easily when you start your search for a reliable intranet portal.

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