Logo Design Contest Vs Logo Maker- Which is the Better Way to Get a Logo?

What do you think is the most crucial branding element of your business?

Is it the color palette, tagline or something else? 

Of course, both of them, along with many other elements, are important for your brand. But it’s the logo that has to play the most crucial role in your branding.

In fact, your logo is your company’s face that helps you to be recognized from a fair distance. And if you have got a compelling and memorable custom logo for your business, you’ve won half of the promotional game. 

A great logo should clearly convey your brand message to the target audience. It must also reflect your brand’s personality, purpose, and sense of style. And they all can be achieved only by utmost care and due diligence while creating a logo for your dream business. 

We know that you’re an entrepreneur willing to get a logo for your business that helps you stand out from the crowd in your niche market. 

But do you know what the basic steps needed to create a professional logo are?

Well, here are the steps that you need to follow:

  • Get logo ideas and inspiration 
  • Determine the brand style and appearance 
  • Create logo design using any one of the options mentioned below
  • Incorporate logo into your brand.

Now, kick off your design project by just picking the option that’s best for you.

Here are some of the best ways to get a logo:

  • Logo Maker: A Logo Maker or Logo Generator is a DIY tool that lets everyone design a logo independently in just a few minutes. 

It’s the cheapest option available. 

  • Design Contest: Many graphic design platforms allow you to launch design contests. Within 3-4 days, you receive dozens of design entries created by some of the world’s best talents. Choose one that you think best meets your needs. You can also ask designers for changes to make your logo more personalized.
  • Work with a freelancer: You can hire a designer from a creative platform to work on a one-to-one basis. But this option will cost you more. 
  • Hire a design agency:  With a design agency, you get an opportunity to work with a complete design team that offers full, top-to-bottom branding.

But you want to know only about the first two options — Logo maker and Logo Design Contest. 

So which one should you go with? 

Both the options come with specific pros and cons, and which way is the right will entirely depend on your needs and budget. Here we’ll dive deep into both options to help you make your choice easily. 

  1. Logo Maker

A logo maker is a web application that lets users create professional logos for free. However, you need to pay as little as USD 20 if you want to download and use the design you created. 

Using these applications is simple as they are DIY tools that don’t need a designer to use. Even novices can effectively and quickly use them to create a professional logo design. They usually come with a user-friendly interactive interface, making designing fun. 

How to create a logo using a logo maker

Many logo makers are available today; choose after careful investigation of some top-rated tools such as Designhill logo maker, Logomkr, Zazzle, etc. Each has certain limitations and advantages; go with one that best fits your needs and budget. 

These logo tools usually have pre-created logo design templates designed by talented logo designers from across the world. You don’t need to create a logo from scratch. Start with launching the tool that you want to use. Search a template by filling up the area of your business, etc. You will be bombarded with hundreds of templates; choose one that’s closest to your needs, and start customizing it.

 Once you have made your template choice, a simple interface allows you to edit your selected logo template with ease. You can change colors, fonts, layout, icons, etc., according to your business. Either use your own icons/images in your logo or pick from their library. Along with logo templates, these logo creators have huge libraries of fonts, layouts, icons, and colors for free. Use them to customize your logo design. 

Once you’re satisfied with the design, you can download it in different file formats such as PNG, JPG, and PDF (depending on the package) and use it wherever you want. You also get full copyright of your design. 

Note: Most logo makers usually offer low-resolution files only in their free version. You need to pay them as per their various packages to get the requisite logo design file formats.

Key advantages of using a logo maker over a design contest

  • Cost-effective:  Creating logos using a logo maker tool is the cheapest way. If you’re a blogger or startup owner running on a shoestring budget, this option is for you. You can save money to be spent on hiring an expensive graphic agency for your logo design project.
  • Accessibility: There are dozens of logo maker tools available today.  Just check their features, and if you find any platform suitable for your logo design project, get started. They have plenty of pre-created templates that help you create a custom logo in just a few easy steps.
  • Quick: Hiring a designer or agency, briefing the selected designer about your design, and getting submission—all can take a significant time. And if you need a logo right away, they’re worthless, of no use. On the contrary, an intelligent logo generator tool can help you create a logo on your own in just a few minutes. You don’t need to be a pro designer to design your logo.  Even a novice designer can do it efficiently. 
  1. Logo Design Contest

The design contest is another popular way to get a professional logo without breaking your bank. Though this option is a little costlier than a DIY tool considering the benefits and the quality of designs that they offer, it’s worth spending a few extra dollars if you can afford to.

How a logo design contest works

A design contest allows you to work with multiple designers from across the world. As its name suggests, it’s a competition in which various designers compete. 

A design contest begins with launching a design contest with a design brief on a crowdsourcing platform like Designhill or 99designs.com. These websites work as creative platforms, connecting designers and businesses in need of artworks. 

Once you launch a logo design contest on any of these platforms, many talented designers work on your project as per the design brief shared by you and submit it to you in a few days. Then, you carefully review all of them and reward one that you like the most. That’s it!

After rewarding a design, you can ask designers to make changes to make the logo more personalized—that truly narrates your brand story. You’ll pay only when you’re fully satisfied with the design. 

Make the payment as per the package chosen, and download your logo in the prescribed file format to be used on social media platforms, marketing collaterals, website, or wherever you want to. 

Key advantages of using a logo design contest 

  • Work with a professional logo designer: The logo design contest provides a collaborative process where you work with a designer on a one-to-one basis.
  • Uniqueness in design: Your business is different. You have your own vision, mission, and attributes that your logo must represent. When your brand identity is carefully designed by a professional designer specifically for your business, it better connects to your target audience. 
  • Fully customized: Starting from a blank canvas, you create what exactly you want when a professional logo designer is involved in your logo design project. You can choose colors, fonts, layout, and graphics, thus making your logo more personalized. Besides, you can get multiple revisions to perfect your brand identity.


Now, since you know the pros and cons of both options, you can easily make your choice — which way is better for your logo design. However, if your budget and time allow you to launch a logo design contest, you should always go with it. You should take your branding effort seriously and pay utmost attention to the most vital branding element— your business logo.