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Logitech’s new Pro X Lightspeed is the latest gaming headset that works wirelessly

Logitech has announced a wireless version of its 2019 Pro X gaming headset, the Pro X Lightspeed. It’s almost identical to the wired version, complete with the same aluminum and steel design, but there are a few key differences. Going wireless isn’t even the biggest advantage; it is actually charging via USB-C. No other wireless gaming headsets that charge via USB-C come to mind, so the Pro X Lightspeed is in a class of its own in this regard.

The other advantage, of course, is wireless. The audio and chat are delivered via the included 2.4GHz USB Type-A wireless receiver, and Logitech says the headset can stay connected up to 13m away – if for some reason you’re 42 feet away from your PC or game console .

Like the wired Pro X, Logitech includes a set of velor-covered foam ear pads on this new model that you can put on if the pre-installed leather-like pads don’t work for you. And similar to my colleague Nick Statt’s impressions with the wired version linked above, I found the overall fit of the Pro X Lightspeed to be tighter than I prefer. Sometimes I like to put one auricle from my ear so I can hear what’s going on in my apartment, but it soon turned out to be too painful to continue.

There is a microphone mute button, volume rocker, power switch, USB-C charging port and an LED charging indicator on the left earcup.
Image: Logitech

Another area where the Pro X Lightspeed differs is the buttons. It has a special mute button for the microphone and a rubber volume knob near the removable boom microphone on the left cup. The wired Pro X also has these features, although they are located on the cable instead.

Since most of the changes and improvements over the $ 129.99 wired version seem incremental, their $ 199.99 price is a bit shocking. Logitech might put a premium on its headset because it has USB-C charging or simply because the Lightspeed brand products usually have a huge premium over the wired version. Either way, you can definitely find cheaper wireless headsets that offer similar performance and battery life. However, that comes at the expense of Logitech’s impressive software features and USB-C charging.