Logitech’s MX Keys Mini ditches the numpad for other useful keys

Logitech’s MX Keys Mini is a compact, cross-platform wireless keyboard without the number pad found on standard MX Keys. It costs the same amount at $99.99 despite its smaller size, but there might be enough additions to make this the preferred option (you know, if it’s feasible to spend $100 on a keyboard).

Logitech has added a dedicated emoji key to the top row of Mini Function keys that let you add some personality to your messages, in addition to a voice dictation key and a microphone mute key that mutes at the system level, not per application. Next to them in the function row are media and volume keys, along with an option to adjust the brightness of the keyboard backlight.

The MX Keys Mini charges via USB-C and can switch between three Bluetooth devices via keys that allow you to switch easily. But something you should know about this model is that it doesn’t come with Logitech’s unifying USB receiver and it won’t work with one you may already have. It’s just a Bluetooth issue, though it’s compatible with Logitech’s new $14.99 Bolt USB receiver that lowers latency and adds more security.

The MX Keys Mini shares a number of other features with the MX Keys. The concave matte textured keys provide a pretty great typing experience. It also has a backlight that turns on automatically when your hands appear over the keyboard and turns off a few seconds after you pull away.

Available in three colorways. The MX Keys Mini for Mac only comes in the leftmost gray and white option.

The standard version of the MX Keys Mini displays both Windows and macOS commands and is also compatible with Chrome OS, Linux, Android, iOS and iPadOS. It comes in three colorways: pink, light gray and graphite. If you’re a dedicated Apple user who’d rather not have home and alt buttons, Logitech makes a version that’s only for macOS and other Apple products. It’s the same price, but it only comes in the light gray colorway, which resembles Apple’s older desktop keyboards.

Logitech claims that the MX Keys Mini can deliver up to 10 days of battery life with the backlight turned on, as by default. Although, it can apparently last up to five months with the backlight off.

You certainly don’t have to spend $99.99 to get a decent wireless keyboard with scissor switches. But the price for the MX Keys Mini may be easier to justify if you’re using multiple devices in your setup, and especially if you’re using the MX Master of Anywhere mouse. When used alongside one of these, Logitech’s Flow feature allows you to move files between macOS and Windows PCs.