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Logitech’s Casa pop-up desk is a hybrid worker’s dream

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Top aerial view of keyboard and touchpad in an open case. Below. Black laptop next to a pink book case.

I am demanding with configuration of my desktop. I love working from home with the support of my laptop, monitor, mechanical keyboard and mouse, and I hate using only a laptop most of the time. But sometimes I want to work from the library or my sister’s kitchen counter without losing all the comfort of my peripherals. Get into Logitech Casa Pop-Up Desk.

The pop-up desk weighs about 2.7 pounds and, when closed, looks like a small textbook. That means it fits in most backpacks and bags so you can take it anywhere. You open it to find a wireless keyboard and trackpad in their designated places. Simply remove them and then set up the case as a stand to keep your laptop at eye level, using magnets to connect the platform to the edge of the case.

There is also a compartment to store the USB-C charging cable (it does not come with a power brick) that charges both accessories. It’s not big enough for much else, but it could also hold your phone charger, a pen, and maybe a thin stack of Post-it notes.

Photography: Medea Giordano

Desktop companion

Logitech makes reliable keyboards and we recommend many of them. I wish Casa Pop-Up Desk included a nice mechanical keyboard, like the one from Logitech pop keyboard, instead of a quieter membrane keyboard. I like clicky keys, but that would probably make everything bigger, bulkier, and more expensive.

Still, the Casa Keys keyboard included here works well, with a slight tilt for comfortable typing. Is a compact keyboard, so it doesn’t have the numeric keypad or function row. I prefer a full-size keyboard, but for use when I’m away from my desk it’s perfect. If you normally use your laptop keyboard anyway, you won’t be disappointed.

Photography: Medea Giordano

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