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Logan Paul stoops low in face-to-face with Dillon Danis as the WWE star mentions the death of opponent’s dad, claiming that attack on Nina Agdal is part of ‘Twitter group therapy’… with the MMA star questioning why Paul won’t face him in the Octagon


  • Paul and Danis clashed, exchanging insults before their October 14 fight
  • Danis targeted Agdal, who obtained a temporary restraining order
  • Paul mentioned the death of Danis’ father, who died last year

Logan Paul leaned into his press conference with Dillon Danis ahead of their Oct. 14 fight, mentioning the death of the MMA star’s father as he accused his opponent of “turning to alcohol” while They exchanged insults.

Danis, who was heavily criticized for his role in the pre-fight promo, launched an attack on Paul’s fiancée Nina Agdal.

The MMA fighter regularly targeted Agdal on Twitter, leading to him getting a temporary restraining order from Danis.

Paul had the opportunity to retaliate against his opponent, but leaned in face to face as he brought up the death of Danis’ father as they exchanged insults.

He said: “Your life has been going downhill since you were kicked out of Marcelo’s gym. You turned to alcohol and tried to drown everything, your father died, you lost friends.

Logan Paul mentioned the death of Dillon Danis’ father during their confrontation before their fight

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Danis responded by wondering why Paul refused to fight him in the MMA ring.

Danis criticized Nina Agdal, Paul's fiancée (left), who was granted a temporary restraining order

Danis criticized Nina Agdal, Paul’s fiancée (left), who was granted a temporary restraining order

The YouTuber and WWE star continued to tell his opponent that he sympathized with him and thought his outburst on X, formerly known as Twitter, was like “group therapy.”

“I sympathize with you, Dillon, because I understand that Twitter is like a group therapy session for you,” Paul said. “You get a feeling of validation.

“If this feels the voids in your heart, I sympathize with you.”

This led Danis to retaliate against Paul for bringing up the death of his father, who passed away last year.

“Talk about it, see what happens, you say you’re not a bastard and talk about my father’s passing,” Danis reiterated.

The row escalated further when Paul threatened to tear Danis “limb for limb”, before the MMA star questioned why his opponent refused to fight him in the Octagon.

“I’m going to tear you limb from limb,” Paul threatened. “You won’t be able to breathe. I will reorganize your entire body.

Danis quickly responded, prompting Paul to agree to an MMA fight by saying, “So why are we doing a boxing fight? It’s not even a real match. It’s like half a fight. I would kill you my brother (in MMA).’

However, Paul dismissed the claim that Danis would beat him in an MMA fight, saying: “The four-time world champion was old Dillon. You have changed.’

After brushing aside Danis’ danger in the Octagon, Paul agreed to an MMA fight after the two men clash in the squared circle next month.

They will have the chance to settle their differences when they step into the ring next month as a co-main event alongside KSI against Tommy Fury in Manchester.

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