#Lodestar: Who wrote the explosive New York Times opinion piece?

<pre><pre>#Lodestar: Who wrote the explosive New York Times opinion piece?

The condemned New York Times opinion article has attacked the president of the United States. UU Donald Trump as "amoral" and "reckless". But the question everyone asks, from Washington to Australia, is: who is the anonymous "part of the Resistance" that wrote the explosive piece?

Journalists, conspiracy theorists, politicians on both sides of politics, and even the president himself, have begun to speculate on who can be the "high official of the Trump administration."

Some online commentators have suggested to Vice President Mike Pence because of his frequent use of the obscure word "lodestar" in public statements, a word that also appears in the opinion article.

"We may no longer have Senator McCain." But we will always have his example: a polar star to restore honor in public life and our national dialogue. Trump may fear such honorable men, but we should venerate them, "says the piece.

Vice President Mike Pence. Did you write the damn opinion piece?

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#Lodestar is now trending as online detectives compile every time Mr. Pence has ever spoken in public.

Audio producer Dan Bloom, who works for the podcasting company Panoply, said the paragraph praising the late Senator McCain almost never comes from White House chief aide Stephen Miller or the president's social media manager, Dan. Scavino, because they are both vocal opponents of McCain.

Bloom tweeted that he had traced Mr. Pence's use of the word "lodestar" in 2001.

But Business Insider quoted a White House official as saying that employees filtering files copy the idioms or phrases of other officials to divert attention.

"To cover my tracks, I usually pay attention to the idiomatic expressions of other employees and use them in my background citations, that takes away the stench," a White House member told Axios in May.

Bloom has also ruled out the possibility that the piece was written by Mr. Pence's former speech writer, Stephen Ford.

"My contact with the speech writer:" It is possible that Pence's speech writer wrote it. But if so, I do not think the speech writer spoke as he or she did. The most likely thing is that he wrote it on his behalf or with Pence, "he wrote on Twitter.

"Very well written for a director who probably has a lot more work on his plate than would allow this to occur within 24 hours of the Woodward news."

The president of EE. UU., Donald Trump, is less than satisfied with the operation.

The president of EE. UU., Donald Trump, is less than satisfied with the operation.


Others have suggested to the Director of National Intelligence and former diplomat Dan Coats, noting that the older statesman has little to lose. The conservative Republican was also upset after Trump spoke contemptuously of him and the American intelligence community during his summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The Weekly Standard has also pointed out to the president of the National Economic Council, Larry Kudlow, because as a traditionally minded Republican the comments on "effective deregulation, historical fiscal reform, a more robust army and more" in the editorial would coincide with his Reagan views of the age.

The Director of National Intelligence of the United States, Dan Coat, is another option.

The Director of National Intelligence of the United States, Dan Coat, is another option.


Returning to the Lodestar link, several commentators have also pointed to the prolific columnist and president of the Council of Economic Advisors, Kevin Hassett, who served as advisor to Lodestar himself, Senator John McCain.

Lodestar: what does it mean?

Lodestar's theory quickly became an Internet meme.

The word of the day in Merriam-Webster's dictionary says that lodestar is "a guiding star or guides, especially the North Star, one that serves as inspiration, model or guide."

The dictionary says that searches for the words "lodestar" and "amoral" have skyrocketed after the publication of the opinion article.

In the midst of all online theories, the piece has already attracted the ire of the president of the United States. UU., With Mr. Turmp tweeting "TREASON" before continuing with a more nuanced comment.

"Is there really a so-called" Senior Management Officer ", or is it just the Failing New York Times with another false source? If the anonymous GUTLESS person exists, the Times must, for reasons of national security, turn it over to the government immediately," wrote on Twitter.

The scathing New York Times op-ed piece, anti-Donald Trump, which the newspaper attributed to "a top official of the Trump administration," has inspired a board game among people trying to decipher the author's name.

The opinion piece comes immediately after reports of a book about Trump White House by veteran journalist Bob Woodward, which reportedly includes the efforts of attendees to try to clandestinely block the president when they believe he is acting dangerously.