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Local SEO importance for Businesses and optimization criteria

The guide to local SEOLocal SEO is the set of optimizations that aim to position a company, product or service for a location-specific query on a search engine.Google uses a user’s location based on IP address (for desktop computers) and geolocation (for mobile phones) to display relevant and localized results related to the user’s query . Local SEO  is a specificity of natural referencing and its advantages are increasingly used in the world of local businesses, VSEs, SMEs and large companies.Every establishment or multi-site company can develop its activity by using these strategies.Today, Internet users use the Internet and the location service to find information on all types of products and services, whether they use traditional or voice search.

If your store doesn’t appear in the results, you’ll miss out on potential new customers in your catchment area. An SEO Company Implements a variety of actions that can help you show up on results so future consumers can find you. By making it a key part of your overall marketing strategy, you can attract valuable leads, drive more sales, and set yourself apart from your competition.


What is Local SEO?

What is the interest of local SEO?

What are Google local results?

What is the interest of the Google My Business listing?

What are the best signals and ranking factors?

Ranking factors on the local pack

General Ranking Factors

How to optimize local SEO?

Optimize your website for mobile

Optimize your Google My Business (GMB) listing

Get Google reviews to improve your ranking

Make sure your address and phone number are easy to find

Optimize social networks

Use structured markup

What is Local SEO?

 SEO Services company provides effective ways to market your business on the internet. It is a sub-part of natural referencing (SEO) to position your website and obtain visibility. It helps them promote their products and services to their customers at the exact moment they are looking for them on the internet.Four out of five consumers use Google to find local data. If a business isn’t positioned for these answers, they can miss 80% of their potential leads. It is therefore essential for any company that wishes to develop its online visibility.It targets queries that have local purchase intent . This means that Internet users are looking for a service or product physically located near them according to their geographical position.To collect specific data, the engines rely on signals such as local content, social profile pages, links and citations to deliver the most relevant results to the user. Not all local intent searches always include a specific place name. Google is very adept at determining local intent.Google Ads can be added by strengthening the presence and capturing traffic from local Internet users.

What is the interest of local SEO?

Local SEO for a businessDespite the undeniable opportunities for optimizing local search offerings, many players still haven’t figured out what they should be doing to tap into this valuable source of traffic and many are still wondering how to optimize local intent searches and leverage the traffic they send to your business .More and more people are using their mobile phones or tablets to find the best brands on the go.Marketing in a geographically defined area can be a very effective strategy compared to other marketing levers, as more than half of consumers making a local query visit a store the next day and 18% result in sales.

Some important figures and statistics:

64% of customers use search and directories as their primary means of finding businesses.

46% of all requests on Google are local.

50% of mobile Internet users are looking for commercial information.

78% result in an offline purchase.

This article presents other key statistics and figures on local SEO .

Local queries

 By their very nature, target actual business locations. This means you must have an address for your physical location and the ability to have direct contact with your customers. To determine if local SEO is right for your business, you need to consider the area you serve, the level of demand, and who your competitors are.

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