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Local Airport Suspends Flights as Mount Etna Volcano Erupts, Showering Ash on Catania


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Mount Etna, Europe’s most active volcano, was erupting on Sunday, spewing ash into Catania, the largest city in eastern Sicily, and causing flights to be suspended at that city’s airport.

Italy’s National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology, or INGV, which monitors Etna closely with instruments on the slopes, noted that cloud cover on a rainy day was obstructing views of the eruption, which often makes for a dazzling display of smoldering lava while the eruption is not occurring. Rare explosions.

The institute said ash had fallen on Catania and at least one town on the inhabited slopes of Mount Etna. No injuries were reported.

Catania Airport said flight operations were temporarily suspended due to the Ashfall.

INGV indicated that monitoring recorded evidence of escalation of tremor activity in recent days.

The Italian news agency ANSA said residents of the towns of Adrano and Biancavilla reported hearing a loud explosion from the volcano on Sunday.

On Thursday, Italy’s National Civil Protection Agency had indicated in a warning that in light of the increase in volcanic activity, “abrupt” changes could occur in Etna’s activity.

In early 2021, the eruption lasted several weeks.

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