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Loading equipment: The vehicles that are lifting and loading equipment 

Construction and manufacturing industries use a variety of equipment for doing various things. Some of these equipment types are specially made to load and lift materials, other bulky equipment, etc.  If you are venturing into the construction industry and need help in selecting the right loading equipment for your business size, you should read this article.  It will help you understand the various machines in loading and lifting activities. 

1. Dumper

Perhaps the most common machine that we can see on Australian roads is the dumper. This equipment is mainly used on road and building construction sites. Essentially, a dumper is like a mini truck. The main difference between a mini truck and a dumper is that a dumper does much more than transport materials over long distances. In a dumper, the main body i.e. the open carriage can be tilted toward one side by a hydraulic machine, which is in-built. This way, you can load the contents of a dumper onto another machine or a location without any external help. 

As soon as the dumper is full to the capacity, the driver pushes a button and the back portion of this truck inclines toward the other machine. This is how dumpers work. Normally, you can load asphalt, gravel, and other construction material in a dumper. Its tyres are large as well as broad, and therefore, a dumper can carry extremely heavy loads. Dumpers aren’t that expensive; you can get a product of your choice by getting in touch with a sufficing online portal. 

2. Cranes

The crane industry grew in Australia at a rate of 25% last year and this year too, its growth prospects look pretty good. If you are looking at hiring a crane, do so now because crane rentals are declining year after year. A crane picks things up. It is used by various construction companies to pick machinery, vehicles, beams and other heavy material. 

Normally, cranes are built to pick things heavier than 500 kilograms. You can see a crane working in construction, manufacturing, railway, and other heavy industries. Cranes are also used to lift goods in ports and docks, and airports. Since a crane has many moving parts, it requires regular maintenance. If you are planning to either buy or hire a crane, loading cranes can be a good option as they can help you get your work done easily. Hence, set aside a considerable budget for its maintenance and repairs. 

3. Hydraulic vertical lifts

As the name suggests, these machines can lift materials vertically with the help of hydraulics. Operating these devices is very easy, all you have to do is press a button! Hydraulic vertical lifts are used to pick up light to moderately heavy metallic machines such as cars, trucks, and other vehicles. Not surprisingly, hydraulic lifts are used in vehicle workshops and showrooms. This industry is growing at a rate of 12 % per year.

4. Package handling lifts

Loading and lifting are not just required in heavy industries. Sometimes you need to pick very light things, sometimes as light as 110 lbs. This is where a package handling lift comes into play. You can use this lifting equipment to transport packages from one height to another, however, for longer distance and heavier products, package handling lifts aren’t ideal. 

5. Box lifts

As the name suggests, you can use this equipment to pick boxes, packages, cartons, etc. Box lifts are used to load and lift 500 lbs or heavier materials between floors or within the same premises. If you are planning to set up a warehouse, consider buying or renting a few box lifts for your business. 

To sum up, there are various types of loading and lifting equipment available and trusted in the market. Each one of them is made and used for a specific purpose. While buying or renting these machines, set aside some budget for their maintenance too!