Liz Truss’s fate hanging by a thread: Ministers plead for Tory MPs to hold fire on ousting PM

Cabinet ministers urge Tory MPs to avoid another ‘soap soap’ as Liz Truss fights to stay in Downing Street – amid claims more than 100 of them are poised to try to overthrow the prime minister .

Westminster gears up for another dramatic day as Ms. Truss tries to salvage her disastrous premiership in the wake of her mini-budget debacle and ensuing financial turmoil.

The prime minister has abandoned the economic agenda on which she campaigned for the Tory leadership this summer and tasked Jeremy Hunt – who replaced Kwasi Kwarteng as chancellor on Friday – with efforts to calm the turbulent markets.

Mr Hunt was dubbed the ‘de facto prime minister’ by a high-ranking Conservative MP this morning, in a devastating humiliation of Mrs Truss.

The prime minister was also warned that she will remain at number 10 “at the moment” as she prepares for a crunch meeting with “centrist” Tory MPs tonight.

Three conservative backbenchers have already broken ranks to demand that Ms Truss step down as prime minister.

It has been claimed that more than 100 are ready to submit letters of no confidence in her leadership to Sir Graham Brady, the 1922 chairman of the powerful Tories committee.

Sir Graham has returned from vacation and is expected to meet Mrs Truss.

He faces demands from Tory backseats to tell the Prime Minister her time is up or to change party rules to allow for an immediate vote of confidence in her leadership.

Under current rules, Ms. Truss is safe from such a vote in the first 12 months of her leadership.

Liz Truss has been warned she will remain in the No. 10 ‘currently’ as she prepares for a crunch meeting with ‘centrist’ Tory MPs tonight

Sir Graham Brady, the chairman of the powerful 1922 Tories committee, has returned from vacation and is also expected to meet the Prime Minister.

Penny Mordaunt, the leader of the House of Commons, used a newspaper article this morning to urge MPs to rally behind the Prime Minister and new Chancellor Jeremy Hunt.

Mr Hunt was called the ‘de facto prime minister’ by a senior Conservative MP this morning in a scathing humiliation of Mrs Truss

With mutinous Tory MPs still undecided on who could replace the Prime Minister – or how best to force her out – Cabinet ministers are pushing back against feverish speculation about Mrs Truss’s future.

Penny Mordaunt, the leader of the House of Commons who has been tipped as a possible replacement for Ms Truss, used a newspaper article this morning to urge MPs to rally behind the Prime Minister and Mr Hunt.

“Our country needs stability, not a soap opera,” she wrote in the… Daily Telegram.

However, the national mission is clear, as the Prime Minister said,” Ms Mordaunt added.

“That’s what we all need to focus on now. It needs pragmatism and teamwork. We must work with the Prime Minister and her new Chancellor. It needs all of us.’

But despite Ms Mordaunt’s public support, there was no minister this morning doing TV or radio interviews in defense of Ms Truss’ position.

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As part of her efforts to bolster her position, the prime minister will meet tonight with the 100-strong One Nation group of Tory MPs.

Former Secretary of State Victoria Atkins confirmed Ms Truss’ attendance and said the group would “do our very best and provide a very warm, welcoming audience for Cabinet ministers”.

“At the forefront of our minds will be her questions about how she plans to emphasize our compassionate Conservative principles that have won us elections since 2010,” she told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.

When asked if she would like Ms Truss to lead the Tories to the next general election, Ms Atkins replied: ‘She is the Prime Minister at the moment, we will not be holding an election in the next few years.

“I want her to get us back on track, I want her to reiterate our concern for our voters and for the compassionate One Nation values.”

When asked if she would like Ms. Truss to lead Conservatives into the next election, Ms Atkins said, “If she can bring those values ​​to the fore, I’m very glad she does.”

Senior backbencher Sir Roger Gale called Mr Hunt the ‘actual prime minister of the moment’.

“It’s pretty clear that all shots are now being called from number 11,” he told Sky News.

“And in a way I’m happy to say I’m really happy they are because I think that will stabilize the markets and I hope we can find a way forward for the UK.

“If he’s wrong, we’ll go to hell in a pushcart, but if he’s right, I think we can come out of this better and stronger, and move forward in the direction we want them to go.” all very happy to go.’

Former Deputy Prime Minister Damian Green suggested that Mr Hunt’s appointment as chancellor “has already begun to reassure the markets” and offered hopes that the Conservatives could “start over”.

He called Ms. Truss a ‘pragmatist’ and added: ‘She realized that the first budget was not working in spectacular fashion.

“So she’s now taken the sensible stance that we’re going to try something different now, and she’s appointed a very sensible chancellor in Jeremy Hunt.”

Green said it “would be best” for the Tories to avoid another leadership election.

“I think the general public would have a right to look at that with some suspicion – and so the ideal outcome for the country is most important of all, but also, coincidentally, for the Conservative Party, that the government succeeds,” he continued.

“I think the appointment of Jeremy Hunt and what he has done so far shows us a way in which we can do that and if we continue on that course we will regain the stability that everyone is crying out for.”

Liz Smith, spokeswoman for the Scottish Conservatives’ finance and economy in Holyrood, told the BBC that Ms Truss has “only a few days left to turn things around and if she can’t she must resign”.

Crispin Blunt, Jamie Wallis and Andrew Bridgen all publicly called for Mrs Truss to stop last night.

Mr Blunt told Channel 4’s Andrew Neil Show today that he does not think the Prime Minister can survive the current crisis.

Mr Bridgen, who supported Rishi Sunak’s leadership campaign, told the Daily Telegraph: ‘We cannot go on like this. Our country, its people and our party deserve better.’

Mr Wallis took to Twitter to share a letter to the Prime Minister.

He wrote: ‘In recent weeks I have seen how the government has undermined Britain’s economic credibility and broken our party beyond repair.

‘Enough is enough. I have written to the Prime Minister asking her to resign because she no longer has the confidence of this country.”


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