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Liverpool fans want to sue UEFA


After the scandalous incidents at last year’s Champions League final between Real Madrid and Liverpool (1-0) at the Stade de France in St. Denis, around 900 Reds fans have filed a class action lawsuit alleging bodily harm.

The stadium visitors want to use legal means to win compensation for pain and suffering.

The final on May 28, 2022 was only started 37 minutes late after there had been chaotic scenes around the stadium. Long queues had formed in front of the entrances to the Liverpool FC fan blocks, there were large crowds in crowded bottlenecks, and the police also used tear gas.

A total of 238 people were injured in the incidents. According to an investigative report, UEFA, as the event’s organiser, bears “primary responsibility” for the chaos.

So far, UEFA had only offered to refund the admission fee as part of a refund program.

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