Liverpool condemns fans over homophobic chant AGAIN during their clash with Chelsea

Liverpool condemn their own fans over homophobic chant AGAIN during Chelsea draw just days after Jurgen Klopp reprimanded ‘idiotic’ supporters for singing the same song to Billy Gilmour

  • Liverpool have condemned even more homophobic in-game chants by their fans
  • The club heard more offensive songs were being sung by Chelsea fans and players
  • The Reds denounced ‘Chelsea rent boy’ songs at Billy Gilmour this month
  • Jurgen Klopp labeled those who did the chants at Gilmour on August 14 ‘idiots’
  • The chant continued during the Reds’ Premier League match with Chelsea

Liverpool have condemned the club’s 1-1 draw with the London side at Anfield for even more homophobic chanting to Chelsea fans and players by ‘a small fraction’ of their own supporters.

Earlier this month, the Merseyside club came out to denounce chants of ‘Chelsea rent boy’ by the Reds supporters against Norwich midfielder Billy Gilmour – who is hired from the West London club – during a match on August 14 to set.

Paul Amman, a Liverpool supporter who founded the Kop Outs group that gives a voice to LGBT+ fans, expressed disgust at hearing the chants aimed at Gilmour and interviewed Reds boss Jurgen Klopp, who wrote the chants. also convicted.

But the exact same chant was heard during Liverpool’s game against Chelsea on Saturday, with the Reds forced to come out with a different statement to criticize these actions.

Liverpool have condemned more homophobic chanting by a ‘small fraction’ of their fans during their game against Chelsea on Saturday

Chants of 'Chelsea Rent Boys' were heard this weekend during the club's match with the Blues

Chants of ‘Chelsea Rent Boys’ were heard this weekend during the club’s match with the Blues

The statement read: “Liverpool FC are disappointed by reports that a small proportion of our supporters were heard singing insulting songs during Saturday’s game with Chelsea at Anfield.

“The club strongly condemns these actions and will investigate all reported allegations of abusive and/or discriminatory behavior with the relevant authorities to identify perpetrators.

“LFC is committed to tackling abusive and discriminatory behavior that has no place in football or society.

“As part of the Red Together campaign, which encompasses all of the club’s work on equality, diversity and inclusion, LFC strives to be at the forefront in the fight against all forms of discrimination, both online and in the stadium. , to create an inclusive environment for all.

The club condemned the same chant at Chelsea mercenary Billy Gilmour in Norwich on August 14

The club condemned the same chant at Chelsea mercenary Billy Gilmour in Norwich on August 14

“The club would like to remind its fans of its code of conduct, which clearly states what it expects from all supporters who visit Anfield.”

Liverpool labeled the first chant at Gilmour earlier this month as ‘objectionable and inappropriate’, with the club having to make a similar statement during another clash with Chelsea in April 2019.

However, Reds manager Klopp made a bolder assessment of the chant earlier this month, describing the fans singing those songs as ‘idiots’.

“It’s not the most beautiful song in the world from any perspective – so it’s not necessary,” Klopp said after the game against Norwich. ‘Of course it makes people uncomfortable in our own fan group. For our supporters group and for me that means: ”Ready, let’s go for another one”.

Reds boss Jurgen Klopp labeled fans who sang the song on Gilmour 'idiots'

Reds boss Jurgen Klopp labeled fans who sang the song on Gilmour ‘idiots’

“I really think it’s an easy decision — and it should be an easy one. Now I can imagine people out there thinking, “Come on, it just pisses them off” and things like that. But that’s the problem: most of the time we don’t understand.

“From a player’s or a coach’s perspective, I can say that these numbers don’t help us either. It’s an absolute waste of time because we don’t listen. I can hear in the stadium when they start singing about Bobby Firmino, Mo Salah, You’ll Never Walk Alone of course.

‘That gives you goosebumps, that gives you a push. The other songs are a complete waste of time. If you think what you’re singing, you’re an idiot.

‘If you don’t think about what you sang in that situation, it’s a waste of time. Forget it and go for another song.’