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Live ticker EHC Munich – Grizzlys Wolfsburg (DEL 2022/2023 playoffs, semi-finals, 7th game) – WhatsNew2Day




At the beginning, Oberbayern bite into the game much more aggressively and lead early and deservedly. The hosts continue to put pressure on the Lower Saxony.



Munich continues dangerously at the front! First Ray Meier saves against Ortega from the middle, before it gets hot again after the face-off. Johansson shoots concealed from a distance and “Jetie” is lucky that he can still get to the play equipment with his catch hand.



Schinko approaches on the other for the first time. However, his degree at full speed is clearly overestimated.



Then it bangs for the first time at Oberwiesenfeld! Schütz causes ecstasy very early on. Wolfsburg sleeps for a moment and Strahlmeier is powerless.



Goal for EHC Munich, 1:0 by Justin Schütz

Dream start for the EHC! Schütz beats Strahlmeier with the first finish of the game – what a statement. The Wolfsburg do not get the puck cleared on the left gang and Szuber comes to the game device. Schütz detaches himself from the rink and moves into the middle, is left there criminally alone and then pushes the puck into the goal under Strahlmeier!



While things are really getting going on the ranks, the teams on the ice are making a solid start. Defense comes first.



Departure! Game #7 is on!


Well then. A knife edge game. It will crackle and bang – the stands are full at Oberwiesenfeld! A highlight of the DEL season is waiting for us!


That depends largely on one decisive factor: the aforementioned Dustin Strahlmeier. Wolfsburg goalkeeper decides the goalie duel with his opponent Mathias Niederberger clearly for himself. Can Strahlmeier make the difference again today, or is Niederberger holding back his best performance for the big stage tonight?


In almost all games, one thing stands out above all: the Wolfsburg defense has its hands full with the balanced attack of Upper Bavaria. But goalie Dustin Strahlmeier and the men in front often surpass themselves. And the grizzlies are efficient at the front. Even if Munich usually has more of the game and can generate more deals, this has not led to lasting success so far.


So the grizzlies are lagging behind then. But Wolfsburg also gained experience from the quarter-final series. Because here the Autostädter were able to fend off two match pucks from Straubing and secure the semi-finals in game 7. The Grizzly’s defense is tight and the 3:2 victory postpones the decision: Tonight in Munich, one last chance.


But even with two defeats in the back – the Munich team didn’t care much about that against Bremerhaven – the highly regarded title contender remains calm and reflects on his strengths. In Wolfsburg, Upper Bavaria turned up the heat in the last third and turned a 0-1 lead into 3-1. The fifth game in the series then goes into overtime: Here it is captain Patrick Hager who can take the decisive trick and restore the series lead for the EHC.


The reaction of the Wolfsburg was then but in itself. At home, the Lower Saxony won 3:2 and were even able to top it off again. The third game also went 5:3 to the Autostadt team, who suddenly had a great chance of taking a 3:1 lead with the series lead behind them and the Red Bulls in a headlock at home.


The role of favourites, which the Red Bulls were given before the series due to their dominant main round, no longer plays a role. Both teams have their moments in this series. But both also have to digest one or the other setback. The Munich secured the better start. With a 5:2 win in the first duel, the semi-finals started like clockwork for Upper Bavaria.


Nothing makes an ice hockey player’s heart beat faster than a game 7. And also in the ranks it is probably the highest feeling when your own team steps onto the ice in the decisive game. The Ingolstadt team, who packed Mannheim into six games and sent them on their way home, are waiting in the DEL final. Will there be a Bavarian duel in the final, or will the Grizzlies bag their second final in three years?


One last step to the final: Munich and Wolfsburg go head-to-head in the infamous “Game Seven”! The perfect final act of a gripping series. At 7.30 p.m. the first face-off starts. Welcome!

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