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Live ticker EHC Munich – Grizzlys Wolfsburg (DEL 2022/2023 playoffs, semi-finals, 5th game)




Beginning of 3rd third



third conclusion:
After a goalless second third, Munich still leads 2-1 against Wolfsburg! In the second period, the guests from Lower Saxony were the more active team and recorded more deals than in the first third. Munich also had some good actions, but in the meantime they were under a lot of pressure. The bottom line is that two people are mainly responsible for the fact that it is only 2: 1 here: Mathias Niederberger and Dustin Strahlmeier. The two goalies do a sensational job again and save absolutely everything that can be saved. See you soon!



The last minute is running. It keeps going back and forth.



Trevor Parkes with the next chance! Dustin Strahlmeier is there and steers the disc around the post. Munich has increased the number of strokes again.



Now the EHC again! Ben Street sends the disc on target from the blue and Trevor Parkes corners in front of Dustin Strahlmeier. The hard rubber just rushes by.



Trevor Parkes works well in the slot and causes at least a bit of chaos in front of Dustin Strahlmeier, but no deal is made.



Niederberger has to go again! This time it’s Darren Archibald, who fires from the face-off circle and checks Munich’s goalie.



Good opportunity for Wolfsburg! A rebound lands on Philipp Mass, who immediately pulls the trigger from the slot and forces Niederberger to make the next save.



The Grizzlies are currently a bit more grippy and are lurking for opportunities. The guests still shy away from the big risk, but they seem more dangerous than the cops, who are just aimlessly on the move.



Luis Schinko unluckily gets the disc in the face from a very short distance and knows immediately what’s going on. Gloves off and off to the sewing booth. Let’s hope nothing worse happened. Meanwhile, Strahlmeier prevented the 3:1 with the next strong save.



Overall, there is less going on in front of the gates in the second half than in the first 20 minutes.



Smith dangerously puts the puck in front of goal from the corner and finds Emil Johansson, who pulls the trigger but just misses the box. In return, Schinko fails from an acute angle at Niederberger.



Munich is getting stronger again! Patrick Hager dangerously puts the disc in front of the goal twice from outside, but Dustin Strahlmeier is always on the spot.



At the next interruption, the referees go to the video evidence and see if Archibald’s cracker might have been in there after all. But no! The thing hit the crossbeam head-on.



This time the Grizzlies bring a completely different intensity to the ice and create their first big chance! After a shot win in the neutral zone, things move quickly, Darren Archibald skates in from the right and slams the hard rubber into the crossbar!



It’s straight back to business and there’s a mighty crack at the gang.



Third number two starts with a 16 second lead for the EHC. Wolfsburg survives without damage and fills up again.



Beginning of 2nd third



third conclusion:
In game five, EHC Munich leads 2-1 against the Grizzlys Wolfsburg after 20 minutes! The Bulls got off to a dream start, taking the lead with DeSousa’s first shot on goal and then following up after five minutes through Ortega. Wolfsburg answered immediately and was in the game after Braun’s goal. As a result, both teams had opportunities in a fast-paced game. Munich had more and the better ones, who ended up putting 15 shots on Dustin Strahlmeier’s goal, while Mathias Niederberger only had to save seven shots. Let’s continue with the middle third in the Olympic Ice Stadium!



This time the Bulls are struggling and initially don’t find their way in well. Ehliz then at least releases a powerful slap shot from the left, but which Strahlmeier safely parries.



Dominik Bittner

Grizzlies Wolfsburg

Minor penalty (2 minutes) for Dominik Bittner (Grizzlies Wolfsburg)

Munich goes into the power play again! Bittner has to go behind the Plexiglas due to a handicap and will not return until the second period.



The home side continue to have more puck possession and are looking for a degree. In the end, however, there was nothing dangerous about it.



Chris DeSousa just sends the disc on goal from an acute angle and beam Meier can only applaud. But two grizzlies make the rebound clear before a Munich player comes close.



Then Munich defended it strongly and did not allow anything. Chris DeSousa is back.



The Grizzlies form quickly on the first power play and press, but the disc smashes twice across the slot without anyone getting close.



Chris DeSousa

Chris DeSousa

EHC Munich

Minor penalty (2 minutes) for Chris DeSousa (EHC Munich)

Now the guests are allowed to outnumber themselves for the first time! Goalscorer DeSousa is jailed for a stick hit.



Pfohl has the chance to equalize! Niederberger just closes the door and so his Munich team go into the first power break with a 2-1 lead.



Even against five brown bears, the bulls stay on the trigger and collect deals. Munich has already pulled the trigger 14 times, Wolfsburg five times.



Munich shows a strong first overtime game and keeps the disc almost continuously in the attacking zone. The puck runs well, shots keep flying towards the beam Meier box. But he parried twice and the guests got away with it.



Matt Lorito

Matt Lorito

Grizzlies Wolfsburg

Minor penalty (2 minutes) for Matt Lorito (Grizzlies Wolfsburg)

Now the punishment is imposed. Lorito has to go into the cool box because of a trip and gives the Bulls their first power play.



Munich wants to refill immediately and enforces a penalty. Niederberger goes off the ice and the EHC attack six.



Lauren Brown

Lauren Brown

Grizzlies Wolfsburg

Goal for Grizzlies Wolfsburg, 2:1 by Laurin Braun

What a grizzly response! Wolfsburg brings the disc to the blue line and Björn Krupp takes the shot after a double ace. Directly in front of Niederberger, Braun deflects perfectly and deflects the puck into the net. Only 2:1!



austin ortega

austin ortega

EHC Munich

Goal for EHC Munich, 2-0 by Austin Ortega

The cops immediately add the second! After an offensive face-off, the hosts keep the disc clever and with a lot of effort in the attack third because Smith shovels the thing to Ortega. He appears from a very acute angle in front of Strahlmeier and lobs the puck over the Wolfsburg goalkeeper’s catch hand into the short corner. Beam Meier does not look happy there at least.



Cheered on by the home crowd, Munich is of course continuing to put pressure on and wants to do more right away.



All of the Grizzlies’ plans to survive at least the first five minutes here without conceding a goal are of course thrown overboard. What is the reaction of Lower Saxony?



Chris DeSousa

Chris DeSousa

EHC Munich

Goal for EHC Munich, 1-0 by Chris DeSousa

Dream start for the hosts! Chris DeSousa drives into the attacking third on the right side and sends the disc past his opponent on goal from the faceoff circle. Beam Meier does not have a clear view and the hard rubber hits the goalie’s catch hand in the right gable.



Off we go! Mathias Niederberger and Dustin Strahlmeier start again in the two gates.


The Grizzlies certainly had chances to extend their lead to 3-1. Above all, some unused overtime games with a 1-0 lead are still a little behind for the Lower Saxony. Nevertheless, the mood among the brown bears is still good. “We knew from the start that it was going to be a tight series. Now we’re going to make sure – like last time – that we play a perfect away game and get the home advantage again,” attacker Luis Schinko clarified.


After winning all four games against Wolfsburg in the main round and also successfully starting the semi-finals, the bankruptcy in game two really hit Munich and little came together in the second appearance in front of a home crowd. Recently, however, the bulls have returned to their strengths. “We consistently played our game until the goal finally went in the goal,” said a delighted Konrad Abeltshauser. “Now we have our own fans behind us in a trend-setting game 5. We have to continue to play the discs forward consistently, get deep and work hard,” said the EHC defender.


The Red Bulls and the Grizzlys have been in a gripping exchange of blows with no winner in sight after four games. The main round champion got off to a strong start and clearly won game one at home, but Wolfsburg also started victorious in front of their home crowd and then stole the home advantage with a furious 5:3 in Munich. The EHC got it back in an impressive way on Thursday and won 3:1 after falling behind in the Autostadt. Smith, Abeltshauser and Ehliz turned the tables in the final third.


Hello and welcome to the fifth game of the semi-final duel between EHC Munich and Grizzlys Wolfsburg! After four gripping duels, the series returns to Munich with the score at 2:2. It starts at 3:15 p.m. in the Olympic Ice Stadium!

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