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Live ticker: AS Rome vs. AC Milan (Serie A 2022/2023, Matchday 32)




The first corner of the current game brings danger: Tomori artistically asserts himself in the opponent’s penalty area and puts the ball just outside the hosts’ box. In this duel, Belotti was hit again by a player, so there is another break due to injury.



The stoppage time belongs almost entirely to Roma. Milan hardly takes place and waits until the break whistle.



Spinazzola has enough space on the left against two opponents that he can cross inside. At the edge of the penalty area, Pellegrini takes the ball directly, but does not hit it ideally, so that there is no Sunday shot and the shot can be blocked in the sixteenth.



Due to the numerous interruptions, there are a whopping five minutes of stoppage time.



Official injury time (minutes): 5



A deflected Hernández cross lands in the right half-space at Calabria, who had advanced and took the ball directly. His low shot does not find its way into the far corner, but rushes two meters wide of the post – Rui Patrício does not have to intervene.



By the way, Giroud is not a factor at all, because the Roma’s defense around Ibañez & Co. has the French well under control. As a result, the guests in the center lose an important passing station.



We’re heading towards the home straight of this first half: does the game still have a highlight in store or does it go into the dressing room with a goalless draw? At Milan, a lot goes through Rafael Leão in this final phase, but he often misses the right moment for a pass.



Tomori leaves the field accompanied by the medical staff, but apparently wants to get back on. Thiaw had already gotten ready on the sidelines, but there was no change for the time being.



Next injury stop: Tomori remains in his own penalty area after a duel with Abraham.



Abraham gets in the way of Pellegrini’s shot! Spinazzola recognizes the open space on the left, pulls toward the baseline, and then lays back flat. Pellegrini finishes off the first post and might have scored if Abraham hadn’t been in the way. This was the Romans’ best opportunity yet!



Rafael Leão processes a rebound and tries a shot from the second row. He also aims at the angle from around 20 meters, but is ultimately not allowed to cheer.



The game is getting heated and the fouls are piling up. Referee Orsato is always in dialogue with the players. There is currently no real flow of play – at this moment the game is interrupted again due to an injury to Hernández.



Calabria’s cross finds no takers! Hernández breaks through on the left and plays inside to Rafael Leão. The offensive man forwards to Calabria, who is completely free on the right and plays a great, low pass inside. However, there is no guest player in the six-yard box and so the ball rushes across the penalty area.



Nemanja Matić (AS Roma) is shown a yellow card.

Matić rushes into Bennacer in midfield at full speed! At that moment, Bennacer only had the ball in view and was completely surprised by the tough duel. Matić is also suspended for the next game after seeing his fifth yellow card.



This is how it can go for Milan: The guests finally pick up the pace and send Brahim Díaz down on the right. The technician slows down a little while dribbling and waits until the box is occupied. Giroud found his sensitive cross inside, but headed the ball well past the Roma goal.



Substitute Bove has meanwhile established himself in midfield, Cristante has moved into central defense to replace the injured Kumbulla.



Fikayo Tomori

Yellow card for Fikayo Tomori (AC Milan)

Belotti is sent down the right with a wide ball. Tomori gives chase and tries to tackle the outside line, the defender is too late and is cautioned for it. He will miss the next game and will have to be careful in the further course of this match!



Edward Bove

Substitution at AS Roma: Edoardo Bove



Marash Kumbulla

Substitution at AS Roma for Marash Kumbulla



Kumbulla comes back onto the field, but sits down again at the next stoppage in play. This is bitter for the hosts, who have already suffered several losses in the defensive area.



While the Frenchman is able to get back up on his own, Rome’s defender needs the help of the medical department. The knee treatment is taking a long time – it’s quite possible that José Mourinho will have to rebuild his defense.



After the hosts’ chance to score, Milan took over the reins again and let the ball roam freely from left to right. Then a long ball comes into the penalty area and Giroud collides with Kumbulla. Both players stay where they are.



Roma approach the goal: Belotti turns up in the penalty area and sees the better positioned Pellegrini in the back. The striker lays it back flat and the captain starts to curl into the right angle, but the shot from around 18 meters is too unplaced.



Milan has the ball more often in the first few minutes and the hosts initially rely on counterattacks. For this, the AC would have to lose the ball at least once, which only happens in the last third, if at all.



Early moment of shock for the Romans: Pellegrini remains lying after a sliding tackle and almost knees. The captain was already battered into the match and after this action, he recovered quite quickly.



The ball is rolling in the Stadio Olimpico – again the Roma can look forward to a sold-out stadium!


The guests from Milan have very bad memories of the first leg: Milan led 2-0 in Giuseppe Meazza at home – until the 87th minute of the game. Because in the final phase, Roma redefined the term efficiency and used two scenes in the goal area to make it 2-2. Ibañez and Abraham were the Romans’ goalscorers back then and both are still there today.


Milan also struggled in the last league game, but were able to win the game against Lecce 2-0 in the end and find their way back to success. Despite the home win, there are also changes in the starting XI for the guests: Rebić makes room for Giroud and Bennacer replaces Messias in attacking midfield. Brahim Díaz will probably switch to the outside lane as a result. On the defensive, Captain Calabria is one of two newcomers, starting at right back for Kalulu. Kjær also moves into the starting eleven and ousts German international Thiaw. Ibrahimović is absent from Milan today and probably the remaining competitive games with a calf problem – otherwise Stefano Pioli’s squad is solid and he has plenty of options on the bench.


José Mourinho’s side were beaten 3-1 by Atalanta Bergamo last matchday and sustained another injury in defender Llorente. Dybala also looked stricken in the final stages, but is still in the Roman squad today. Compared to the away defeat there are the following changes in the first eleven: Spinazzola starts on the left flank for Zalewski. Inside the back three, Kumbulla fills in for the injured Llorente and in the center Bove and Solbakken rotate onto the bench, with Matić starting instead and Belotti moving up next to Abraham.


Both Roma and Milan have 56 points before this game and are active on the international stage: The Romans are up against Bayer Leverkusen in the Europa League and Milan are looking forward to the city derby with Inter in the premier league. But before that, the focus is on the league, because the race for the Champions League is very close!


Hello and welcome to the match between AS Roma and AC Milan! Both teams are still in the running for the Champions League and want to win the direct duel on Matchday 32. Kick-off is at 6 p.m.!

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