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Live Score 1. FC Heidenheim 1846 – FC St. Pauli (2nd Bundesliga 2022/2023, 27th matchday)




Now a corner for the hosts. Beste kicks the corner from the right and straight to the goal. Vasilj reaches over and fists the leather just off the line with his right hand.



Pick puts the ball on the left side to Best. He crosses the leather to the five. The guests are well sorted and hit the ball out of the penalty area again.



Paqarada brings the corner from the right to the first post. Dźwigała direct shot from around seven meters flies over the goal.



Incidentally, Heidenheim is behind at home for the first time in the season after the first half. However, St. Pauli started the second half with more offense.



Go on! Heidenheim starts and both teams come out of the cabin unchanged.



Kick-off 2nd half



Mid-term conclusion:
St. Pauli leads 1-0 at the break in Heidenheim. The leadership is somewhat happy. The Heidenheimer are actually field-determining and also have the better opportunities. But Kleindienst forgives several times from a promising position. Unlike the Kiezkicker. They immediately use their first top-class player to score the opening goal. How do Heidenheim, who are strong at home, react now? Will you come back again?



End of 1st half



Official injury time (minutes): 3



Afolayan remains down after a duel and needs further treatment on the sidelines. But it seems he’s going further.



The leadership for the guests now comes a little out of nowhere. The home side were just on the trigger and then Hartel scored to make it 1-0. How are the hosts reacting to the deficit?



Marcel Hartel

FC St. Pauli

Tooor for FC St. Pauli, 0:1 by Marcel Hartel

After a throw-in by Paqarada, the home side don’t go for it consistently enough. Hartel drops the leather on the left side of the penalty area in front of his feet. Hartel places the ball on his right foot and hammers the leather into the top left corner. Müller is still on it with his fingertips, but can no longer distract him decisively.



Corner kick for the FCH. Best again brings the corner from the right long to the five. St. Pauli Schöppner clears the ball out of the penalty area.



The Kiezkicker come again on the right side via Saliskas. He crosses again to the five, but this time he finds no takers.



Müller with a bad pass in the feet of Daschner. But the goalkeeper corrected his mistake immediately, came out and parried the attacker’s shot.



Connor Metcalfe

Connor Metcalfe

FC St. Pauli

Yellow card for Connor Metcalfe (FC St. Pauli)

Metcalfe hits Pick in the air duel and thus sees the first warning of the game.



Next action from Kleindienst! The Heidenheim striker doesn’t hesitate and gets the ball in the center on the left. He takes the ball with him and shoots at goal from around 19 meters. His shot flies a few meters over the box.



Best chance for the hosts! Föhrenbach gets the ball on the left and the full-back crosses the ball up to the five. Kleindienst flies up and nods the leather from a short distance past the case on the left.



What a scene. Kleindienst puts his body in against Medić and pulls into the box with the ball at his foot. He sees Thomalla, who has returned to the starting XI, behind him and puts it in the centre. The player with the number eleven tries it with full instep – over to the right.



Pick brings a corner from the right side to the first post. St Pauli heads the ball out, but Busch falls in front of his feet and the defender simply pulls away from around 18 meters. Vasilj has the ball safely in the follow-up.



The hosts settled a little in half of the guests in the last few minutes. This time Pick wants to take the ball artistically on the right shortly before the penalty area and serve Kleindienst on the five. But the leather sticks.



Best in focus again! In the next action, he was unlucky to be hit in the face by Saliakas’ foot on the left just before the penalty area. He stops for a moment, but after a short break, Heidenheimer gets up again and continues running.



Best crosses a free kick from more than 30 meters from the right side into the sixteen. Kleindienst puts the ball back for Föhrenbach and he crosses the ball from the left wing to the second post. Siersleben flies through just below the cross.



Next conclusion for the guests! Metcalfe gets the ball on the right side and takes the ball directly about 20 yards from the box. He targets the right corner. Keeper Müller is there and catches the ball without any problems.



After almost a quarter of an hour the game is balanced. Both teams are looking for a way into the opposing penalty area. So far both teams are safe at the back.



After a throw-in from the right, Saliakas crosses a ball long and high to the far post. Afolayan climbs up there and heads the ball just to the right of the box.



Free kick now for the guests. Paqarada puts a free kick into the box from over 30 meters from the left. Heidenheim is good and clears the ball out of the penalty area.



Beste brings a free kick from the left side long and high to the far post. Kleindienst climbs up and holds out his right leg. The North Germans can still clarify degrees.



Maloney remains in midfield after a tackle and needs treatment. With a pained face, he hobbles off the field. It is discussed further in the margin.



Heidenheim makes the game in the first few minutes. The hosts attack the Kiezkicker early and thus force the guests to lose possession again and again.



For the first time, the hosts come into the opposing half. Föhrenbach passes the ball on to the best. He crosses the ball long into the sixteen. Kleindienst clearly misses the cross. There is repulsion for the guests.



Here we go! Referee Christian Dingert releases the game. St. Pauli toasts.


Ever since Fabian Hürzeler took over as coach at FC St. Pauli, things have been going well for the Kiezkicker. So far, St. Pauli is unbeaten under the new coach and has won nine out of nine games in the league. Most recently, the fourth in the 2nd Bundesliga won 1-0 against Jahn Regensburg and is FCH’s first pursuer with 44 points. If they manage to win again today, Hamburg could have hopes of promotion again.


Heidenheim is unbeaten in the league for seven games. In addition, head coach Frank Schmidt’s team has been unbeaten at home for 13 games. This is top of the league. Most recently, however, after a 2-0 lead, there was a 2-2 draw against Lautern. The FCH still had to make everything clear with a penalty in the final phase. That failed and the promoted team scored in added time to equalize 2:2. With 51 points, the boys from the Ostalb are in third place. A win today against FC St. Pauli, who are fourth in the 2nd Bundesliga, could take back second place from Hamburger SV and increase the gap to fourth to ten points.


The guest head coach Fabian Hürzeler also relies on almost the same starting formation as in the 1-0 win against Jahn Regensburg. Hürzeler changes only once. For Smith (hip flexor problem, not in the squad) Dzwigala is on the field today.


Heidenheim’s head coach Frank Schmidt only made one change from the starting XI after the 2-2 draw against Kaiserslautern last Saturday. Thomalla is on the starting grid for Sessa today.


Welcome to the Saturday evening game of the 27th game day in the 2nd Bundesliga in the 2022/23 season. 1. FC Heidenheim welcomes FC St. Pauli at 8.30 p.m. Referee Christian Dingert directs the game.

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