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Live Masterclass: How to become a change agent in diversity and inclusion | News and analysis

The fashion industry has paid more attention to diversity and inclusion in the face of the recent waves of anti-racism protests. But D&I has become a buzzword for the company – and even a marketing tactic – that sometimes lacks substance. Meanwhile, the word ‘diversity’ has become synonymous with ‘different’ rather than ‘differences’ meaning that not everyone sees themselves reflected in the term, undermining authentic engagement. What does it take to actually increase diversity and deepen fashion inclusivity?

Join a diversity and inclusion expert Dr Derrick Gay On Tuesday, August 18 at 4:00 PM BST for a special 90-minute live masterclass on how to become an active change agent of diversity and inclusion in advancing a fairer world.

When companies increase diversity and deepen inclusion, they fuel innovation, productivity and their bottom line. You will learn about common pitfalls as well as best practices, strategies, and tactics to create a more inclusive industry and society.

Dr. Derrick Gay is an international diversity and inclusion strategist, writer and educator who consults with organizations to deepen D&I capacity; improve inclusion and engagement; attract, hire and retain the best talent; and design strategy to maximize business and educational goals. His clients include Tom Ford, Columbia Business School and the International Fashion Academy in Paris.

Masterclass learning outcomes

At the end of the session, participants must be able to:

  1. Redefine diversity and inclusion in fashion
  2. Identify common assumptions and pitfalls
  3. Use a diversity and inclusion framework to deepen intercultural competence
  4. Apply strategies and tactics to the fashion industry and society

The session lasts 90 minutes, with a Q&A for the audience at the end. Register now to secure your spot and ask your question.

In preparation for the upcoming masterclass:

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