<pre><pre>YouTube is introducing changes to give people more control over recommended videos

YouTube is today launching a new product called Super Stickers, which allows a select number of makers to generate additional revenue during live streams.


Superstickers are small cartoon characters that fans can buy to show their support for a streamer. However, the stickers on YouTube cannot be modified, like many emotes on Twitch. The product is launched today in 60 countries for makers over the age of 18 and who have channels with more than 1,000 subscribers that generate income. The company first announced Super Stickers during its annual keynote at VidCon, a convention for makers and fans in Anaheim, California.

Eight sticker packages are available at the launch, five of which will contain animated cartoons. These animated cartoons come with unique messages to help fans get in touch with video makers. Some stickers can be seen below.

Some stickers available in the first packs.
Image: YouTube

YouTube decided to implement the stickers after seeing the success of Super Chat, the Twitch-like tool that allows people to purchase a better placement for their messages to streamers. According to the company, more than 100,000 channels use Super Chat, with some makers earning more than $ 400 per minute.

However, it has not all been positive. YouTube has experienced a backlash because people could generate revenue from Super Chat while using hateful language or images. There are several examples of Super Chat that are used to promote hateful ideologies, including a report from The Wall Street Journal where people were paying to make anti-Semitic comments about a live stream organized by extreme right-wing personality Ethan Ralph after a massive shooting at The Tree of Life Synagogue of Pittsburgh. YouTube's policy states that if a Super Chat is "removed for violating our policies, YouTube will donate our share of the proceeds to charities."

There are only a select number of Super Stickers available at the launch, but the company plans to release more in the coming months.