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LIVE: How will Bayern achieve the miracle, Mr. Tuchel?


After the crushing 3-0 defeat at Manchester City, FC Bayern need a real football miracle in Munich on Wednesday to make it into the semi-finals of the Champions League. Coach Thomas Tuchel should reveal how this project should succeed from 5:30 p.m. Then the press conference for the upcoming game.

In addition to Tuchel, defender Benjamin Pavard will also answer questions from the press. sport.de accompanies the PK from 5:30 p.m. in detail LIVE blog.

+++ Tuchel on the shaky “Mia san Mia” feeling +++

“I don’t think we’re in a crash. There were a lot of changes, we need some time. We’ve been German champions ten times in a row and have been in the quarter-finals three times in a row. We have to push ourselves to the limit, anything is possible.”

+++ Tuchel on his tactical expectations +++

“It depends what kind of game we’re expecting given the situation. I think Manchester City will break free and play like the game never happened. I expect deep possession, we have to be smart about that. We might have nobody as brave and as smart in the box as Thomas. The question is whether we bring him in from the start or come on.”

+++ Tuchel on Mané and the “miracle” +++

“We’ll see, I’ll do my best. We need a good mix of realism and the belief that anything can happen at the maximum level in football. We have to let the spark fly. Sadio will be there. The other topic has been ticked off since Thursday “We need momentum in crucial situations where the game can tip our side. We didn’t have that in Manchester. Without that, it won’t work. We all know what a task awaits us and that it’s extreme It’s difficult. Tomorrow it’s about the first half. We have time tomorrow. The inconsistency, even in games, is the issue this season. It accompanies us through games and training weeks, we want it to be different and it’s our turn.”

+++ Tuchel on the defender goals +++

“Good question. It’s worth looking at the games individually. In Freiburg we had a lot of chances, against Hoffenheim we had enough chances to score more goals. We lack ease, lack confidence, things are difficult for us, we think a lot after, you can tell that. Everything looks harder than it can be in April and May. But it can also happen quickly and the knot bursts.”

+++ Tuchel about Haaland +++

“He’s not my player so would be reluctant to comment. When he’s playing alone he’s lonely too.”

+++ Tuchel on a possible quarter-final exit +++

“From the quarter-finals it’s all there, including the draw or bad luck or the question: ‘Are you in top form?’ It’s a challenge to play against Manchester City, who have been in excellent form for weeks. The quarter-finals is the minimum goal for me. The top eight belong to the top of Europe for me.”

+++ Tuchel about Choupo-Moting +++

“Yes.” – When asked if he was a candidate for the starting XI

+++ Tuchel about Upamecano +++

“I don’t think the Erling Haaland duel was the problem, it was the decisions he made. It doesn’t make sense to point fingers at him. At that level we were just punished. We have the fullest Trust him, he’s still young.”

+++ Tuchel, a “lonely caller in the forest?” +++

“When you’re 0-3, you feel like a lonely voice in the woods. If we won 2-1 against Hoffenheim, I would have been just as dissatisfied.”

+++ Tuchel on the preparation and the speech +++

“We just can’t talk a miracle. It would be almost a miracle if we could do it. When it’s 3-0, it’s part of bringing in a realistic level. I don’t know if Saturday’s game helped us all play 100 per cent believe in it. If we win both halves and have that little bit of luck that we didn’t have in the first leg, we can do it. It’s about having faith but not dreaming. We have to do something for it and be absolutely top “Performing, half after half. We want to win the first half, that’s the first step. We have time tomorrow and we don’t feel rushed.”

+++ But now! +++

Tuchel is here!

+++ Tuchel takes his time +++

The Bayern coach is on his way to the press room. It should start right away.

+++ Pavard is through – Tuchel is coming soon! +++

In a few moments we will continue here.

+++ Pavard on the return of Choupo-Moting +++

“Choupo is having a good season. He’ll be back tomorrow, but I don’t know if he’ll play tomorrow. That’s for the coach to decide.”

+++ Pavard on the “France Connection” and goalkeeper Sommer +++

We have a lot of French in the team, it’s going very well. The goalkeeper is also very good.”

+++ Pavard about Tuchel and Nagelsmann +++

“Things are going very well with the coach. He’s very close to the players. I don’t want to distinguish between the two coaches. I’m learning something new every day.”

+++ Pavard on his position on Wednesday +++

“I prepare for every game as a centre-back or right-back. I don’t know where I’ll play tomorrow.”

+++ Pavard about Mané +++

“He’s a great player and a professional. Of course we welcomed him back. But the manager decides who plays.”

+++ Pavard about his goalgetter role last +++

“My role is in defence. If we defenders can score goals, that’s obviously good for the team. If the ball gets in front of me, I’m happy to put it in.”

+++ Pavard on the current phase of FC Bayern +++

“We’re having difficult moments right now, that’s true. We had good moments in the DFB-Pokal, but we’re struggling to put the ball in the goal right now. Tomorrow we’ll do our best. We’re motivated and in top form.”

+++ Pavard about Haaland +++

“He’s a great player and shows it every weekend. He always scores and is one of the top nines in the world. But we can’t just focus on him. There are other players too.”

+++ Pavard on a possible football miracle +++

“Why not? We’ve seen in the past that something like this is possible. If we get opportunities, we want to take them.”

+++ Bayern defense star Pavard when asked if he was ready +++

“Yes, we’re ready. We know the first leg wasn’t good. Our home crowd will help. We’ll do everything we can to win the game.”

++ It’s about to start! +++

At 5:30 p.m. we expect Thomas Tuchel and Benjamin Pavard on the podium.

+++ A novelty would have to come for the Bayern miracle +++

FC Bayern last celebrated a victory in front of their home crowd in the quarter-finals on April 21, 2015, which was enough to make up for a deficit of 0:3. At that time, however, the opponent in the 6-1 was FC Porto and was considered a clear outsider anyway.

On the other hand, the Bundesliga club has never won by more than two goals against ManCity in seven Champions League games so far.

+++ What does Pavard say about his future? +++

Benjamin Pavard, a Bayern player who has been associated with a farewell from Munich for months, will speak at the PK today. It was recently reported that there is currently radio silence between FC Bayern and the Frenchman, whose contract ends in 2024.

From 5:30 p.m. Pavard should be confronted with questions about his future.

+++ Many secondary theaters of war after FC Bayern’s bankruptcy +++

Goals from Rodri, Bernardo Silva and Erling Haaland sealed FC Bayern’s clear 3-0 defeat in the first leg of the Champions League quarterfinals against Manchester City.

The game also offered some explosives off the pitch: There were subsequent fights between Bayern stars Sadio Mané and Leroy Sané, UEFA fired an employee who had maltreated the German record champions in the ticker of the European umbrella association and Munich’s Dayot Upamecano and Yann Sommer were sometimes subjected to severe criticism. How does Tuchel rate his stormy start on the Isar?

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