Live from the Amazon hardware event autumn 2019

For the third year in a row, Amazon is organizing an autumn event to present its latest Echo (and other) hardware for the holidays. However, unlike previous years, Amazon doesn't hold this as a surprise – it informed the world that it was happening – but we don't know much else.


Last year, Amazon announced more than 70 products in one keynote, a hectic pace of Echo speakers, Alexa functions, a clock, a strange DVR that you put in the attic and a microwave. It was such a & # 39; n show.

Because Amazon has worked well this year to keep things secret, we don't have such a strong idea of ​​what to expect. More echoes are probably a lock, but we may also see new earplugs and maybe a robot? Devices from Amazon subsidiaries, such as Ring of Eero, or perhaps something completely unexpected such as new Fire tablets are also possible.

Participate and discover together what Amazon has to offer (pun is not intended).

Amazon & # 39; s live hardware blog for 2019

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