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Live Formula 1 Coverage: Baku City Circuit – Sprint Shootout (Azerbaijan Grand Prix 2023)



To be continued soon!

The sprint starts at 3:30 p.m. in Baku. We’re at it again. See you later!


The top 10 is complete

Behind the five drivers mentioned are Lewis Hamilton, a strong Alexander Albon, the slightly disappointing Fernando Alonso and Lance Stroll as well as Lando Norris. The latter was no longer allowed to drive out of the pits in the SQ3 because his team was no longer able to put soft Pirellis on him. They are scheduled for sprints and races.


What a finish!

The collision wasn’t that bad with the Ferrari, which should reassure the mechanics in particular. Ultimately, Leclerc can even lead his vehicle with a battered front wing to the intended position in the pits. He will start the sprint race from pole. Pérez is waiting next to him, while Verstappen is lurking behind him. This is followed by George Russell, who drove faster than Hamilton at the decisive moment, and Carlos Sainz, who has been missing a lot compared to his team-mate.



Charles Leclerc wins the sprint shootout

Leclerc’s bolide briefly stands across and then he rushes into the gang. Nevertheless, he wins the SQ3 and thus the first Sprint Shootout in Formula 1! Behind him are Sergio Pérez and Max Verstappen, who could only come third here!



Accident of Charles Leclerc


The Monegasque bangs into the gang! Can someone pass him? There is no red flag!



The time has expired…

… but of course the rounds will still be finished. It’s going into the very hot phase of the SQ3! Pérez doesn’t seem to be able to top his old time. Verstappen even loses three tenths in the first sector!



Nobody wants to give slipstream

A long queue forms before Pérez bites the bullet and drives away at full speed. Of course he doesn’t really want to give a slipstream.



The last chance

The drivers are preparing for their last chance for pole at an unusually early stage. Very slowly they sneak across the asphalt at the moment.



Leclerc has the answer!

Charles Leclerc


Everything points to another pole for Charles Leclerc! He drives the lap almost two tenths faster than Pérez and accordingly over four tenths better than Verstappen. Behind them are Sainz, Hamilton, Russel, Albon, Stroll and Alonso.



New best time by Sergio Pérez in SQ3

Sergio Perez

Red Bull Racing

Surprisingly, Sergio Pérez dominated the important first time! After a very weak middle sector, Max Verstappen needs 0.264 seconds longer than his teammate!



Red tyres

For the SQ3, the teams are forced to put on the soft tires. That equates to tenth place for Lando Norris as McLaren has run out of red tires.



Here we go, the SQ3!

The pilots have eight minutes in the decisive SQ3! Who gets pole for the sprint race?


In front of the teammate

Nico Hülkenberg’s left front wheel wobbled a bit. Nevertheless, he was once again able to place ahead of his teammate Kevin Magnussen. A very respectable achievement by the German!


McLaren and Williams are still involved

Red Bull, Ferrari, Mercedes and Aston Martin are likely to have established themselves as leading forces this season. All eight drivers of these teams are also in the SQ3. Lando Norris in the McLaren and Alex Albon in the Williams are also competing for the top 10 in the sprint. The decision will be made soon!



SQ2 is also over

Verstappen now has the advantage over Charles Leclerc up front. More important at the moment, however, is that in addition to the collided Logan Sargeant, Kevin Magnussen, Esteban Ocon, Nico Hulkenberg and Oscar Piastri are also eliminated. The latter was just over the line, but was caught by Lando Norris.



It’s getting tighter!

In the meantime, all important times have been set and shortly before the end there is another yellow flag! At Sainz, a stationary car is marked, but it drives on again!


11:00 a.m

problems at Haas

Magnussen and Hulkenberg bring up the rear behind the already eliminated Sargeant. Ahead of them are Ocon and Russell, who will certainly want to move up the field.



Big residue

Due to the yellow flag, many laps could not be finished seriously. The residues vary between a few tenths and over 20 seconds.



First only P2

After a short yellow flag, in which Nico Hülkenberg was off the track, Leclerc only set the second-best time. Almost four tenths are missing to Verstappen.



Max Verstappen’s new best time in SQ2

Max Verstappen

Red Bull Racing

The Dutchman takes half a second off his teammate and takes the lead.



Pérez drives away in front

Unlike Ferrari, Red Bull wants to lead the field from the front. Pérez is the first to set a time, leveling off at 1:42.923. But Verstappen is already catching up behind him.



Ferrari waits

It takes a good minute before Ferrari also lets its drivers out. This, of course, secures a long section without traffic. Maybe that’s the right tactic.



SQ2 begins

Again the pilots drive their cars onto the track. Will there be more interruptions or is there more order in the slightly reduced field of drivers?


The teams line up

The teams gather at the pit exit. They only have ten minutes for the SQ2.


Gangs are judged

After Sargeant’s relatively hard lateral impact, the gang has to be straightened before the SQ2 can continue.


Box radio Yuki Tsunoda

Yuki Tsunoda


Looking back, Yuki Tsunoda’s bitter departure can be seen. The red flags were raised barely 200 meters from the finish line. In addition, the Japanese had two bad luck with the yellow flags. So it’s all very unfortunate for Tsunoda, who, as usual, talks his frustration off his chest in an abusive manner.


Leclerc convinces again

Looking ahead, Charles Leclerc has a clear lead. After the Monegasse already won qualifying yesterday, he is a full 0.468 seconds ahead of Max Verstappen in SQ1.



The SQ1 is officially over

Now it is official. De Vries, Gasly, Tsunoda, Bottas and Zhou bow out of F1’s first sprint shootout after Logan Sargeant sent a red flag 25 seconds from the end of the session.



The times stand

The times are still the same. Nevertheless, this session should be over for Nyck de Vries, Pierre Gasly, Yuki Tsunoda, Valtteri Bottas and Guanyo Zhou. Nico Hülkenberg was lucky and was able to save himself with the demolition in SQ2!



Red flag

That’s it for the SQ1! Sargeant slides out a few inches to the right and promptly collides with the gang. With 25 seconds remaining, a new attempt is no longer worthwhile.



It’s getting tight in the back!

Things are looking bad for de Vries and Gasly. The Frenchman in the Alpha Tauri can no longer drive at all. There is some defect.


10:40 a.m

Charles Leclerc maintains the lead

Charles Leclerc


Charles Leclerc sets a new best time after Verstappen briefly outperformed him. The lead is now even less than half a second!



Good time from Hamilton!

The eight-time world champion is squeezed between Leclerc and Verstappen for the moment. However, the Ferraris and Red Bulls are stepping on the gas again.



Yellow flag

The next yellow flag applies in turn 4, because the next driver saves himself in the exit pool. After he was able to turn the bolide, it’s back to normal.



Aston Martin is driving along

Times tumble, of course. So Stroll and Alonso can move to positions three and four.



Leclerc beats Verstappen!

Charles Leclerc


In the first attempt, Leclerc can take almost two tenths off the reigning world champion. With a lead of 0.191 seconds, he puts himself in front of the Dutchman!



Max Verstappen’s new best time in SQ1

Max Verstappen

Red Bull Racing

Verstappen sets a first small exclamation mark and takes eight tenths from the rest of the field around Carlos Sainz!



Released again

The green flags come because Piastri was able to get back on track and do his laps.



Yellow flag

Piastri is in Turn 4, which is why the yellow flags are raised immediately. Nevertheless, let’s continue.



track is hot

The asphalt in Baku is 20 degrees warmer today than yesterday in qualifying. Aston Martin and Red Bull in particular could benefit from this.


10:30 a.m

Norris and Tsunoda are in front

At the front are Norris and Tsunoda. The two will no longer drive in the SQ3 because they simply don’t have red tires after yesterday’s qualifying.


10:30 a.m

Let the Sprint Shootout begin!

The traffic lights switch to green and the cars are immediately guided onto the track. There is not much time and you notice it immediately!


The conditions

Things are heating up in Baku, Azerbaijan. An incredibly long start-finish line with great overtaking potential alternates with tight curves in the historic old town. As in Monaco, mistakes are punished immediately, which is why it is important that at least the weather cooperates. The temperatures are currently leveling off at 24 degrees Celsius.


Mixed driver field

Behind Carlos Sainz, the field of riders was thoroughly mixed up yesterday. Hamilton, Alonso, Norris, Tsunoda, Stroll and Piastri complete the qualifying top 10. So Aston Martin confirms the good early form, while McLaren announces ambitions. On the other hand, the hopeful pilots from Haas dropped back to positions 17 and 18. Now the Americans want to get a better starting position, at least for the sprint.

10:00 a.m

The favourites

Red Bull Racing is still the dominant team in F1 and has already been able to underline its claims in Baku. However, Charles Leclerc pushed ahead of Verstappen and Pérez, causing the first small surprise, especially since his teammate in fourth place lost half a second to Pérez and even eight tenths to Leclerc. Can the Monegasque also transfer the qualifying result to the shootout?


No time to breathe

So the FIA ​​managed to provide all sessions with excitement. While the 2nd free practice before the sprint was often used for rather uneventful long runs last year, every session is now important. The first and only training creates the basis for the qualifying, the starting row for the race is determined with the qualifying, the shootout decides on the line-up for the sprint and the first points are already collected in the sprint!


What’s happening today?

During the week, the new Sprint Shootout mode was first approved by the officials. Now everything is going really fast – literally. Because the shootout is a kind of qualifying, with which the starting grid for the later sprint is determined. However, the individual qualification phases only last twelve, ten and eight minutes. This should further increase the chances of surprises. There are also fixed tire rules for this. As long as it doesn’t rain, the mediums are put on in SQ1 and SQ2 and the soft tires are only allowed in SQ3.


Welcome to the Sprint Shootout!

For the first time, Formula 1 competes in a sprint shootout. At 10:30 a.m. the traffic lights will switch to green. We explain the mode and are there live!!

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