LIV Golf chief Greg Norman says he pays ‘NO attention’ to Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy

LIV Golf Chief Greg Norman says he is paying ‘NO attention’ to PGA Tour loyalists Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy as he admits he will be with Saudi-backed series ‘for a long, long period of time’







LIV CEO Greg Norman ignores criticism from PGA Tour golfers Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy.

As the bitter feud flares up between the two tours, Norman said he’s not paying attention to anything Woods and McIlroy say.

Earlier this week, Woods said Norman “has to go,” the same sentiment expressed by McIlroy last month.

“I’m not paying attention to McIlroy and Woods, am I?” Norman told Today’s Golfer on Saturday. “They have their agenda for whatever reason. They say what they want to say. It has no influence or effect on me. I’m staying with LIV for a long, long time.”

The new tour, backed by the Saudis, has wiped out many PGA golfers due to higher financial payouts.

Pga Tour Golfers Tiger Woods And Rory Mcilroy

Liv Ceo Greg Norman

Liv Ceo Greg Norman

LIV’s Greg Norman (R) doesn’t care about criticism from Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy (L)

Meanwhile, golfers loyal to the PGA Tour are irked by the way the Norman-led LIV operates.

There is also the issue of both parties filing a lawsuit against the other.

Woods said the two tours cannot find peace until Norman is removed from his leading role.

Woods Was The Most High-Profile Player To Speak Out Against The Saudi-Funded Liv Series

Woods Was The Most High-Profile Player To Speak Out Against The Saudi-Funded Liv Series

Woods was the most high-profile player to speak out against the Saudi-funded LIV series

“I see there’s an opportunity if both organizations drop their litigation,” Woods said Tuesday at the Hero World Challenge, where he is hosting the event.

“But that’s the problem – they have to put a residence on it. And whether or not they do, there is no willingness to negotiate if you have a lawsuit against you.

“So if they both have a stay and then have a break and then they can meet and think of something, then maybe there’s something going on.” But I think Greg should go first, and then of course a lawsuit against us and then our countersuit against them, which should stay as well. So then we can talk, we can all talk freely.’

Woods’ comments were similar to McIlroy’s last month at the DP World Tour Championship.

Rory Mcilroy Called On Greg Norman To Leave His Post As Ceo Of Liv And Woods Reiterated That

Rory Mcilroy Called On Greg Norman To Leave His Post As Ceo Of Liv And Woods Reiterated That

Rory McIlroy called on Greg Norman to leave his post as CEO of LIV and Woods reiterated that

“So I think there are a few things that need to happen,” McIlroy said. “So there’s obviously two lawsuits going on right now — there’s PGA Tour versus LIV, and there’s this one coming up with the DP World Tour in February. Nothing will happen if those two things are still going on, mainly — yes, you are limited in what you can do.

And then I think whatever happens with those two things, there’s a couple of things that I’d like to see on the LIV side that need to happen. I think Greg should go. I think he should just leave the podium on the left. He’s made his mark but I think now’s the right time to say look you got this thing off the ground but nobody’s gonna talk unless there’s an adult in the room who can actually try and fix the fences .’

Norman believes he can be the one to mend fences, despite what Woods and McIlroy think.

“Of course it can happen under my guidance,” Norman told Today’s Golfer. “I mean, Tiger could be a messenger, right? Who knows. All I know is we’ll keep doing what we’re doing with LIV, and we’ll just keep moving forward.”

The two-time grand winner and World Golf Hall of Famer even says he does a great job running LIV.

“Wherever I go in the world, no one — not one person — has said that what I’m doing is stupid or wrong,” said Norman.

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