Listen to a 16-minute soundtrack from Final Fantasy VII Remake performed by a live orchestra


Square Enix has released a 16 minute trailer for the Final Fantasy VII Remake Orchestral World Tour, and if you’re a fan of the game’s fantastic soundtrack, I highly recommend watching this video from start to finish. Watching the songs performed by a live orchestra put a big smile on my face.

The trailer features three songs: a medley of the game’s opening, including the bombastic title fanfare that still gives me goosebumps; “Stand Up,” the song used during the Honeybee Inn dance scene; and a medley of the classic battle theme ‘Let the Battles Begin!’

More than 100 musicians perform the arrangements. If you’d like to try a show for yourself, you can check the schedule of upcoming performances on the tour websiteUnfortunately, the tour will not take place anywhere near me at the moment; I think I have to watch this video a hundred more times to try and recreate the experience for myself. Damn.