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List of the best casino slots in 2022

Best slot machines in 2022

In this article we will introduce, discuss and describe for you the Best Slots in 2022. Meanwhile, there is a slot for almost every theme, which in turn also leads to the fact that more and more people start playing online slots in https://www.staycasino7.com/en-AU. Then decide on the theme most likely to suit them. Because the range of different online slots is so vast and complex, we will also present for you in this article a few new slots of 2022. These describe exactly why these particular slots are so worth playing.

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How to choose the best slots for 2022?

We will consider together how to find best online slots in 2022. We recommend you to look for popular and famous software manufacturers and providers like NetEnt and Microgaming and always keep yourself updated about them. What these providers are currently producing, what their latest games are and what online slots they are planning to release soon. RTP, by the way, means nothing less than Return to Player and forms the value you get back on average from your bet. Equally important is that a slot has good feature options and bonuses like wilds, scatters and other additional options.

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We’ve done a little research for you and picked out a few slots in 2022 that are particularly promising:

Gonzo’s Quest

NetEnt created a prequel to its adventures. So spend some time looking at it before you start the video slot Gonzo’s journey. They gave the Quest a simple and understandable interface. You won’t confuse any button because one of them matches its function. There are 5 reels, 20 paylines and the minimum bet amount of 0.20 coins. You have to accompany Gonzo on his journey through the Amazon and the jungle. Because you want to reach the golden El Dorado city. He is a charismatic man who stands near the scene and regularly expresses his emotions. While you are still enjoying the quest.

Book of Dead

Even without the historical writing as the focus of the games, ancient Egypt is hardly a new slot theme. However, it hasn’t become boring yet either. This 5-reel, 10-payline online slot offers plenty of opportunities for non-themed players to redeem themselves. The gameplay, stunning graphics, 250,000-coin jackpot and its excellent compatibility with mobile devices more than make up for it. So that in this quest for winnings, we are led by the Indiana Jones-like figure of Mr. Riche Wild.

Slot Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah is a world-renowned game of the online slot machine type. It belongs to the jackpot offer of Microgaming Company and is currently operated in over 60 online casinos. The jackpot consists of four progressive jackpots, namely Mini, Minor, Major and Mega jackpots, all with the Mega Moolah prefix. This online slot simply never gets old and continues to impress on all fronts in 2022!

Game of Thrones

By creating or joining a house in Game of Thrones slot, players can earn more points and bonuses. And thus increase their position on the Iron Throne. Maps from all over Westeros are included in the game – test your luck in Hardhome, the House of Black and White or at the Wall. Packed with mini-games, strategy elements and team features, Game of Thrones Slot takes the best parts of Game of Thrones and turns them into a game of chance.

What is the future of Best Online Slots in 2022?

Play online Best Slots in 2022 and just find out for yourself what the future of online slots feels like! The fact is that slots in 2022 will become more and more exciting, innovative and thrilling. Therefore, you will do yourself a big favor if you give at least one of the online slots we have presented above a chance to prove itself.

In summary, the entire online slot and gambler scene has experienced a tremendous upswing. Especially In the last few years and months. The reason for this is, to return to the introduction, that there is now a slot for almost every area of interest! Dive into the world of gambling and gambling and convince yourself with https://www.staycasino7.com/en-AU.

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